Your Heart is Your Home!

In the physical world, your home is the place you designate with your belongings ~ wherever that may be. In fact, some people have two or even three homes while others lay claim to a small, simple space. In whatever way home is true for you, it is still an external place that we have learned to call home. But what if, at the same time, we came to know our inner self as intimately and comfortably as we do our external home?

The phrase “Home is where the Heart is” came into being and has held its significance over time because of its innate truth!

Within our heart center is the link to our spiritual worlds. It is where Love abides and Light shines forth with healing, grace and insight!

It is in our energetic Heart Center, or Heart Chakra, where we come to meet many aspects of our Self! It is the Home space for healing, tenderness, and compassion. The energy here is Love and it allows us, in all our triumphs and flaws, to be deeply seen, known and loved ~ unconditionally! We are able to be vulnerable here, understand our deepest wounds, and gather strength and insight to grow as we open to our Spiritual Home. Yes, it is through the heart that we transition from the external worldly focus to the inner realms of the spiritual worlds where we connect with the wisdom that our Soul has to offer!

There is much to be said about the Heart Chakra, as it is a powerful component of our Soul existence on Earth, much as the physical heart’s vital importance for our physical existence! When we journey into the garden of our inner heart in meditation, visualization, or prayer, we are coming into communion with sacred meeting ground. We can sit in contemplation, call forth our wounded, flawed selves for comfort and healing, and connect up in conversation with our Higher Power. As we engage in these inner practices with reverence and open mind, an alchemical process takes place. Our spiritual energy can be felt in waves, tingles, pulses…and our very cells respond to the thoughts and images of love, forgiveness, and compassion we learn to hold for ourselves. It is a space of beautiful refuge to meet up with the exhausted overachiever self to allow rest, or the hopeless/victim self to experience innate love and beauty. It is also the sacred space to ask questions and see/feel/hear with our inner senses as guidance proffered to us. (Listen to this meditation to engage your heart!)

Yes, the Heart Chakra is our home…where we come home to our spiritual Oneness and feel at home without constraint! The journey is Sacred and Healing. Start today…start right now by following your breath inward for even just a few minutes! Find a quiet, comfortable space and let go of external awareness for just a few moments! And if your ready for more, listen to a guided meditation app, attend the monthly community meditation, or seek out a meditation class to get the basics for future growth!

Much Love and Many Blessings!

Cheryl and Lynn