Your Healing Is The World’s Healing

Feeling stuck lately? Listen to your discomfort, it just may be your guide to higher ground. Tuning in to your discomfort, now more than ever, may lead you beyond feeling better. Your discomfort is quite possibly a message from your soul.

Pausing to listen, is an opportunity for attuning to the higher energies that are guiding you. And much like sacred geometry which brings to life how all things are interconnected, your small act of tending to yourself with kindness, of pausing to listen in, begins to shift the energy within you and in the world around you.

In fact, it’s not a stretch to say that what heals you also heals the world.

Hold your excitement, because the second step is just as important as the first. As significant as listening is, it won’t produce the full desired effect without the second step of doing something. Notice the place where you feel stuck – whether it’s personal (anxiety holding you back) or universal (the overuse of plastic in the world); and then set your intention to do something, one thing, break it down, and take one reasonable step. It’s the movement forwards, this step, that will begin to set you free.

This action step is easy because it’s as simple as listening for what would motivate you the most but feels out of reach. So let’s return to the example above and say that your discomfort is in fact anxiety. Example: The step that would be most helpful would be for you to do something about your anxiety, but every time you think about it you overthink the issue and wind up stuck. Instead of staying in this stagnant state which only increases your anxiety, you decide that you will learn to meditate, you’ve always wanted to, but whenever you’ve attempted it, too may thoughts got in your way. At the close of reading this brief article, you pause and set an intention to begin practicing meditation by days end. In fact, you visualize yourself sitting in your yard, with the stars overhead, meditating before bed. Later that day reading through your email you find a free meditation challenge, and you sign up. You share it with a friend and she signs up too. Together you begin a daily guided meditation practice and now have a partner to compare notes with each day about your experience: this connection between the two of you is surprisingly helpful for your process. You notice that your mind is still busy during the meditation, not quiet as you imagine it should be, but this somehow doesn’t stop you as it once did. You’re not sure where it’s coming from, but there is a newfound perseverance that’s with you through your practice and guiding you back to the practice each day. It’s amazing how the practice of meditating is growing increasingly easier over time!

This step is powerful because it begins the steps that will take you in the direction that your life has been thus far preparing you for. The action of taking this step rewards you with a sense of relief because it is in alignment with your Soul’s light, your inner knowing, and your higher self. Once you’ve taken this step, there’s often the sense that your stars are aligning. You don’t have to figure out how to get to the end of your journey, all you have to do is be willing to begin … just take the first step. Remember that old phrase, “If you take one step towards God, he’ll take 10 towards you.”? When you’ve taken this step, following the prompting of your soul, you’ll feel the truth of this phrase in your life as doors seem to open before you and the universe lines up to support your efforts!

We are here at this time for very important reasons. Those who are doing ok right now despite the pandemic, despite all of the many dilemmas the world is facing, are the ones responding to the call. We were each born with a blueprint for this lifetime imprinted on our personal energetic field. We each have a unique mission, a purpose, sometimes known as ‘your soul’s calling. Once upon a time this calling felt mysterious, it was perceived that you had to be highly evolved to realize your true purpose. Those days are gone!

Your purpose is calling you!

If you haven’t awoken yet, if you’re still not sure of your mission, the first step is an easy one. At this point if you’re not on course, you’re likely pretty anxious, depressed, or otherwise feeling stuck. Pause and listen, then take the step. The step may seem simple, or mundane, no matter, just do it! Take the action … then trust what comes next. Spirit moves in mysterious ways: remember this, and trust the process.

Much Love & Many Blessings!
Lynn & Cheryl

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