You are an Energy Healer!

To be an “energy healer”, is to be in a dynamic, nuanced relationship with subtle energy. Honestly, we are all energy healers, every single one of us, it’s just that we don’t equally embrace this fact. What do I mean by this? I mean that we were all born miraculous by design! We were born with finely tuned receptors programmed to receive and interpret data from both the world around us and the world within us. Every living being is made up of layers of energy. At its simplest, our denser energy is seen in physical form and our layers of subtler energy are experienced via our subtler senses, also known as clear senses, or “clairs”. We all FEEL and are able to “read” energy, which is how we can tell someone else is in a mood, even when they’re trying to hide it. Our subtle senses feel & read energy in the world around us, as well as in our inner realms. These clear and subtle senses match our physical five senses – seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and feeling: plus knowing.

When walking around in your everyday world, you are swimming in overlapping layers of many energetic fields at once. You are in your own energy field comprised of multiple layers including: mental, emotional, physical, and several spiritual layers as well. When in a space with others you are moving through their energy, and some part of yourself, whether conscious or not, is aware of and responding to these energies. When outdoors, you are moving through the energies of the elements – sun / fire, water, air, earth; as well as the subtle energies of all other living beings including … trees, flowers, grass, animals, etc. Not to mention the layers of the higher energies / spiritual realms that are around us, supporting and assisting us in our daily walk. As well, rooms, houses, buildings, towns, states, and geographic regions have their own distinct energies, based on the imprints of the beings who inhabit those places.

Pause for a minute and consider the implication here. No need to be overwhelmed. But just for a moment, allow yourself to imagine opening your senses, even just a little. Imagine feeling the possibility of standing in a field, and opening your awareness to connect with the living energies of the wind, trees, ground, leaves, squirrels, birds, sun, or stars … Imagine relating to these beautiful souls as living beings sharing their loving generous energies in communion with each other and you. Imagine that as you breathe into this connection, you feel the life force energy flowing through you, and you allow yourself to perhaps move closer to one or two of these beings and discern it’s specific life force energy. It’s as if you’re getting to know it in a new energetic way!

Imagine walking into an empty room and practicing reading the energy of what’s been taking place there. Or if people are in the space, imagine feeling the energy of their dynamic, or an emotional energy that’s present.

Would you be surprised to hear that you likely already do these things? It’s true, to varying degrees we are all reading and interacting with energies around us. However, this interaction may not be taking place in your conscious awareness. Also, there are varying degrees of consciousness; therefore you could be slightly aware, holding the knowledge but not paying attention, caught up in the thinking mind.

How do we become more conscious of these subtle layers of awareness and become more comfortable interacting with the subtle energies? The simple step is intention. If you would like to engage more consciously in the world around you, simply set the intention. An intention is an energetic focus that is held in the awareness of your energy field. The next step takes some effort, develop a meditation practice. This is a must! A daily practice helps you grow your consciousness, quiet your thinking mind, expands your awareness and heightens your inner senses, while increases rapport with Spirit by getting in the habit of regularly asking up, as well as receiving and interpreting symbols.

How do we become more comfortable interacting with the subtle energies and using our inner senses to assist in healing – our own and others? Once you’re holding an intention to be consciously engaged with the life force energy that flows through and around you, you’re energetic learning increases rapidly! Living in this way is a continual refinement process. The next intention specifically for this step of opening to the healer within is to hold an intention to do no harm, live in connection with light, and be committed to living with a tender heart. This is a heart path. The healer path is not for the faint of heart, as it is a path which requires you to do your own work, to face your own traumas, to be willing to feel your own wounds and allow others to assist you and support you in bringing light to dark places, while learning to love all of yourself, your journey, and the journey of others.

To be a healer right now, the first step, wherever you’re at on your journey, is to see and feel what you need, and offer love to yourself exactly as you are. To love even and especially any part of yourself that you are tempted to judge. To hold any wounded, weak, small, or uncomfortable parts of yourself up to the light, to see all of yourself and find every part worthy. Practice compassion. This means to respond with tenderness to a headache, sore shoulders, irritable mood, impulsive action, etc. Hold grand intentions, yet don’t wait in disconnection for them to manifest, begin right now. In this moment. Begin to heal yourself. Offer love, offer tenderness to yourself.

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Love and Blessings on your Journey!
Lynn & Cheryl