Wonder and Curiosity ~ Gifts of a Spiritual Nature!

We often hear of the down side to the wandering mind, but one small shift to the wondering mind, and we open to amazing spiritual discovery!

What is the difference? Consciousness!

A wandering mind is unfocused and aimless – a wonderful thing sometimes! A wondering mind, is open, curious and ready to learn, grow and expand!

As you deepen your spiritual journey, life’s deeper meaning begins to evolve. Soulful moments appear wherein you are touched deeply, often times inexplicably! Seeking and questioning become familiar friends that lead to new opportunities, insight and healing. Meditations involve exploration of the inner worlds as the mind and body adjust to new ways of understanding and Knowing! It is powerful and transformative.

This is all possible when you enter into your contemplations, prayers and meditations with the gifts of wonder and curiosity. This sounds easier than it may be as your brain is used to thinking logically, interpreting rationally, and sifting out what is not already known to be true. But in so doing, you also close the door to your Spiritual Nature! For the worlds discovered within are rich with metaphor, symbolism, and wisdom. When explored with wonder and curiosity, our consciousness expands! This leads us on a fantastic voyage where problems are solved, new ideas are inspired, and the miraculous leaves its trails to become reality!

When you find yourself struggling to open to these realms, know that this is a very common experience! You are not alone Development is key here. This means that over time, with patience and intention, you can put the ‘thinking brain’ on the shelf for a bit and explore with wonder and curiosity ~ open to the unusual and allow within the meditative time, for anything to be possible! This creates an opening where you begin to see, sense, or feel these new spaces within! Then journal, contemplate, and seek even further!

Know that we are here to help!
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May Love and Light show you the way!
Cheryl and Lynn