When Life feels like Chaos!

Ever find yourself if a whirl of activity…many changes, energy stirred, feeling life is too much, happening too quickly? Times like this often hold discomforting energy that can feel a bit chaotic or unsettled inside. But these types of energetic experiences also offer opportunity for great evolution and are a sure sign that the Soul is at work! For in these times, when the old ways no longer fit and the new ways are not yet in place, we are in the unknown where all things are possible! We are feeling the inner call to evolve, to change, to grow. This is a great time to meditatively ask: What am I to learn? What am I to know?

Holding steady amidst the fluctuations is important. Recognize that you don’t have to wrestle with it, resist it, or be overcome by it! The weathered traveler on the spiritual path has endured this many times! Feel the energies all around you and step forth anyway…into the unknown to make it known!

At times like this, there is a deep unfurling of spiral energy that has an upward flow. It originates from the depths, leading and changing everything in its path. It creates openings where there once was not. This happens both physically and spiritually. The mental and emotional realms stir and flux, shifting energy in both directions at once. This dual and seemingly divergent process has a centralized purpose though. It is all in the service of bringing forth the new way. While everything may outwardly appear the same in your world, it is all very differently charged now ~ energetically speaking. This will lead to new reactions as the old ways play themselves out of existence. Change is inevitable. You can be a part of it, or it can play out in your life in unsuspecting ways.

Listen and feel inwardly as the winds of change move through your life. Feel yourself as a billowy reed ~ both strong and flexible, to stay rooted during these times of inner turbulence. This allows you to receive all that the new has to offer, to step into the new doorways, and to release those particles that no longer serve you on this epic journey of the Soul!

You are not alone on this journey, though it may feel like it!
Life is not as haphazard as it may feel for your Soul Self is guiding the transition!
May you energetically feel into your new way, seeking the path of Light and the vibration of Love!
Cheryl and Lynn