What lies beneath the surface is Powerful!

When we look within, this is what we discover!
Light, Energy, Realms of Possibility, Dimensions to Explore!

While the surface of the ground is laden with ice and snow, in the depths below there is vibrant activity! Organisms are living, growing and thriving in vibrant communities ~ even beneath the earth’s surface! Nature gives us a cue here: we need to broaden our definition of where life exists and thrives, and to look in more unusual places for signs of life!

As it turns out, this is much like us! What appears on the surface of our awareness is such a small part of the vast and vibrant universe within!

In the depths of the winter season, the weather often keeps us inside in hibernate mode. But it doesn’t mean we need to fall asleep. In fact, it’s a call to awakening on other levels! An opportunity to explore, seek and connect with the spiritual dimensions of our Soul! This means awakening spiritually at deeper and deeper levels, expanding consciousness into the dimensional realms, and walking through life with evolving awareness!

Life becomes exponentially rich when we…

  • can experientially learn that first and foremost, we are a Soul!

  • learn actual ways to be present to this divine presence.

  • come to explore our energy body and learn how to tune in to higher frequencies that can guide us to step into our Divinity and embody our spiritual light!

How? So many ways! Easiest is to begin a meditation practice! Start simply and stay consistent to a practice of tuning inward each day! As you begin to seek inward, notice all that you experience, sense and feel during those times, for this is the connection to your Soul! Once you experience it, some ways to stay connected include daily meditation, mindfulness practices, or connecting with your favorite nature spot! From there, the journey is endless! Open your mind, expand your awareness and tap into the subtle energies within and all around you! Learn how in workshops, groups, books, classes…now is the time! Step into the mysteries – Embody Your Light and share it with the world!

The journey is abundant and joyful ~ we’re glad you’re here!
Cheryl and Lynn