What Is Consciousness?

While there are ever deepening levels to understand about consciousness, a place to start is to become aware that at some level, everything that we have ever experienced, everything that we have ever felt, thought or been involved with, is energetically stored within. And that vast space that holds memory of all, is our Consciousness. There are many different levels of consciousness, and during the month of August, we will be posting a new blog each Friday, to explore three primary levels.The first level we are most aware of, is what we are ‘Conscious’ about in our lives and our world. In our physical bodies, our brain retains about 10% of what we have experienced. It is the information that we use frequently or need to know to survive in our daily lives. This would include such information as our name, address, if we have allergies, how to read and write, etc. If you stop to think about it, all the information that you can recall by simply thinking about it, is quite a vast amount in and of itself. And this is only about 10% of all that we have experienced and stored! Just imagine that there is another 90% in this powerful, energetic place called “Consciousness.”The next level in our consciousness stores two levels of memories.
  1. Those things that we don’t necessarily need to be ‘conscious’ of in day-to-day living, but can easily be reached or we may occasionally need access to. This includes information such as if someone were to ask you where you were born, or what it was like when you were growing up. For the most part, these types of memories are available with little effort, by dipping in to the “Subconscious.”
  2. For those thoughts, feelings and experiences that we think we have ‘totally forgotten about’ or have blocked our access to due to significant emotional pain or trauma, they are actually still present energetically in a space called the “Unconscious.” This is most often the place where our habits and patterns of living are rooted and the place where we ‘react unconsciously’ from when we ‘act without thinking.’
We also can have access to a third level of consciousness…a space of connection to higher sources of information, where we connect spiritually, and where we can open to an expansive energy and to worlds beyond what we are typically able to perceive. This is called the “Super Conscious” and is the seat of great Love, Joy, Wisdom and Intuition. This level of consciousness holds many realms, aspects, and dimensions, which allow for a lifetime of exploration, understanding and insight.Each of these levels will be explored more fully in the ‘Friday Blogs’ during the month of August! As we gain knowledge, we can choose to ‘awaken,’ to become more conscious in our choices and actions. In growing consciousness lies the power to transcend limitation and awaken untapped potentials to step into our abilities to create the life we want to live!Please feel free to listen to the free meditation below to travel through the different levels of consciousness!
Much Love and Many Blessings, SACRED HEALING JOURNEY.COM