What does it mean to be ‘conscious’?

Well, physically, it means that we are alert and aware of our world. Going a bit deeper, it means we are aware of our thoughts, our feelings…those things that aren’t visible, but are felt. Going even further, it means we are aware of our own motives, motivations, triggers, etc. ~ those things that lie under our thoughts, feelings and actions!

To varying degrees, we are conscious in all these areas. Generally, the more subtle the layer, the more introspective, mindful, and present to ourselves we need to become to expand our conscious understanding of our Self, our choices, and how we interact in and create the world in which we live!

It is a goal, and worth the effort, to become conscious of these deeper layers, for they give us an abundance of important information to navigate our world! We gain vital knowledge to make healthy, informed choices. We gain insight that helps move us from reactive behaviors and outdated default patterns to being able to choose healthy responses to people and situations as we encounter them in our lives. Being consciously aware of not only what we see, think or feel, but also what triggers or motivates us, can move us towards making changes both within or without that allows more freedom and enjoyment in life!

It is in this expanded consciousness that we become aware of the role of Choice! We often get blocked or feel stuck in our life or feel as though we are helpless or that others have control over our lives. But as we become increasingly conscious, we discover a whole new level of empowerment! Sometimes with the insight we gain, we realize that we can leave people or situations that foster our dis-ease. Or maybe, we come to see things that we can change within a problem to resolve it. Other times, life may have indeed dealt us a raw deal, and we get caught in the trap of a thought pattern about life not being fair. But even then, we have choice about how we respond to the unfolding traumas and crisis life can bring. The more conscious we become, the more actively we take responsibility and accountability for fixing what’s broken, releasing what no longer serves us, and being proactive in doing what is needed to create the life we want to live! This then, is the ultimate gift of Consciousness!

And there is even more! There are levels of consciousness spiritually as well! At some point, we may make a choice to step on to a spiritual path, and here again, we begin to feel and experience the presence of this sacred connection. In meditations we go deeper to listen for guidance as we ask the questions of our heart. Each step expands our conscious understanding of our Self – our Higher Self…our Soul Self! And even further, we begin to sense and understand cosmic consciousness and our purpose for being in this life!

It is quite an amazing journey and we have choices all along the way! How do we want to move through our world? How willing am I to co-create my world with my Higher Self? Do I wish my life was better or am I willing to take the steps to co-create it better ~ moment by moment? The choices are always yours to make, the question becomes: How consciously do you want to make them?

You are held in Much Love and offered Many Blessings on your journey!