Healthy Thoughts Heal Your Body

What shuts us down and numbs us out? A myriad of things from distorted beliefs, which lead to fears, feelings of unworthiness, defensive behaviors, and ultimately living lives which are outer – focused and out of balance. The roots of distorted beliefs go all the way back to early stages of childhood, and some of the most common are as follows: I don’t matter, I’m unworthy, I’m all alone, There’s no one here for me, I’m not good enough, or I’m unlovable. Because these distorted beliefs are formulated early in our awareness, they become our cornerstone unconscious beliefs and guide us into fear based thinking. Results of fear based thinking, which began so innocently in childhood, are monumental to your overall health and well being. Fear based thinking eventually leads to shutting off your inner radar, or turning down the volume significantly, in order to strengthen and expand the focus on all that is outside of yourself in order to stay alert to potential threats. Some of the symptoms of being shut off from your inner radar are: difficulty tuning in to your subtle awareness, uncertain of the sensation of emotions in your body, and difficulty recognizing the prompting of your intuition. It’s as though we’ve forgotten how to tune our inner radar, the essential gift of the body, designed to keep us safe, healthy and vibrantly alive. When the connection is lost between our inner radar and our subtle energy cues, emotional cues, and mental cues, all that’s then left is for our bodies to give us physical manifestation of these cues through illness or dis- ease. Learning to listen to your own subtle cues is easy, it requires only two things, your pure intention over time, and patience. It is as simple as pausing and getting attuned to the rhythm of your own breath, beginning to make space in your day to slow down, create pauses, check in with yourself. Doing this on a regular basis, in and of itself, will begin to bring you more into alignment with the subtler vibration of your being, and in greater alignment with the various aspects of your Self. This leads to heightened awareness of and refined listening to the languages with which the Self speaks to you – subtle energy awareness, feeling the energy of emotions – felt through the sensations in your body, noticing the thoughts running through your mind, and intuition – wisdom coming from the connection with your higher self. Learning to listen to your mind, body, emotions, and Spirit will bring you much further on the path of manifesting what is in your highest health and overall highest good! All of us have had physical, emotional or mental illnesses or dis-eases as a result of shutting down and tuning out, as it seems to be part of the process of growing up. Fortunately, there are many ways to wake up to fuller consciousness, and live in the beautiful light of now! If you relate to the “you” of this article, and have difficulty settling in to yourself and listening or relaxing when you close your eyes and breathe, take a minute and try this… take a few breaths with awareness. Close your eyes, and just for a moment focus on the natural rhythm of your own breath, bringing your full awareness into your inhale, the turn of the breath, and then your exhale. When your mind wanders re-direct it to your breath. Take a few more breaths allowing your breath to become slightly slower, gentler and fuller. After a moment, or two or three of breathing with awareness, open up your eyes, and check in with yourself, see what you notice. If you’d like more help with this, click here to link to our free guided meditation on Mind/Body. Beyond natural breath awareness, there are a variety of other practices which can help you learn to listen to your natural cues, each a step for your healing journey… Meditation, Integral Breathwork, Hypnotherapy, Reiki Energy Healing, Rohun. In addition to our offerings, we encourage you to make a regular practice of spending time doing anything that makes you feel more fully alive, grounded, or joyful!