Opening to abundance has been the theme of the Sacred Healing Journey Blogs posted during July. They have provided you with a starting point for creating more abundance in your life and a path to creating the right mind and heart energy to embrace abundance. They have also led you to an important question…What would be your first step if you were stepping forward based on what inspired your heart rather than action based on duty? …Allow yourself to imagine…Held within this question is a deeper and larger process than it might at first appear! This process has two primary parts that involve setting your intention and tapping into your active imagination, both essential to creating the abundance you seek in your life. Why? Because what helps call forth change is the creation of energetic thought and feeling at such an intense and clear level that it can be created in your mind with such reality that it seems already to be true! The next step is activating this thought through imagination that allows you to interact with it to help bring it into form and existence!Let’s look a little further into the first part, that of setting your intention. This step is more than simply telling yourself that you wish something were true, “I wish I had better health, more money, etc.” This level of wishing is energetically flat and carries a sense of helplessness that maintains it at the level of a “wish”. But consciously choosing to set an intention carries with it a creative force that brings a wish or desire to a whole new level! Intention brings clarity to a global concept and present focus to longed-for desires that seemed distant and unobtainable. Intentions create a sense of expectancy and on an energetic, spiritual level activate the Universal Law of Attraction, which begins the process of drawing towards you that which you put your energetic focus on.“Everything is energy, that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency with the reality that you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is Physics. – Albert Einstein
When your intention is clear and your focus is consciously upon it, you carry it with you through your day and in this way, continue to add more energy to it! You begin to see it everywhere! You will notice how it shows up in your world in various ways, giving you places to feel and express gratitude, as well as ideas and incentives to continue your active pursuit to create your intention in your life!To help the process along further, add another component, Active Imagination, to your energetic intention. This is a process that starts once your intention is set: it is a bit like meditation, but much more active! To engage in this process, find a quiet comfortable space where you can spend 15-30 minutes in an interesting journey!Start by…allowing yourself to settle in to a relaxed breath, mind and body in the best way you are able to do so. Practicing meditation helps to be able to reach this state more easily.Then, bring your intention to your mind and allow yourself to visualize it in such a way that you “move into it”. This means that you really imagine yourself in the image with all of your senses. You move beyond thinking about it, to bringing yourself into your intention by envisioning what it would be like if your intention were already realized. Create in your imagination how it would feel, what sounds would be present, would there by a scent or aroma associated, what colors or textures would you see? This part of the process can take 5-10 minutes to really move into it.Next, allow the image to move into action. This means to continue to sit with the image(s) or feelings and notice how it changes. It could be that you see colors or other images come into your internal view. It could happen that you feel a sense of moving or traveling and find yourself in a fascinating place or a place of great beauty or maybe even somewhere entirely familiar. Let the story unfold in your mind’s eye and be present and consciously aware of whatever you see, sense, hear or feel. For at this level, everything is important and is assisting your intention into reality.Getting the messages…Now begin an inner dialogue! As each image comes into view, or a bit of a story unfolds, ask internally, “Why am I seeing this?” Again, pay close attention to what you see, sense, hear or feel. Allow yourself to also ask any questions that may come to you, an example might be, “how might I come to belong in such a beautiful place?” or “what blocks me from feeling that meaningful love?” At this stage, the importance is on staying conscious and aware while you are in the process, to continue the communication. After a few minutes or longer, you will sense the connection is over, or that you are no longer “engaged and involved” in the process, signifying to you that it is now time to continue with the final step.Reflect, Understand, Journal! Still in your quiet space, take a few minutes to capture the essence of your experience. What did you see, sense, hear or feel? What thoughts or answers came to you? What meaning or understanding are you receiving from these messages, from this experience? This is often an overlooked yet crucial part of the process. Perhaps you saw a very familiar scene, nothing about it seems connected to your intention of abundance…maybe the message is that something about that exact scene is calling to be changed in order for abundance to flow! Or maybe an image came to you of such significance that it created a deep stirring of emotion, often this is what evokes the energy that was needed to ignite you into action towards fulfillment of that intention – in this case, it would be important to think of that image often to generate energy that will draw to you, what is needed. The messages come in countless ways and their meaningfulness is individual and unique to you and your heart!When feeling complete, check in with yourself to see what you learned about what is needed to make your intention a reality. Unfortunately, bringing abundance into your life does not happen by magic, but rather by the actions you take, inspired by the energy of Love, Gratitude, and messages from dialoguing with your Higher Self.Much Love and Many Blessings, Cheryl