UNDERSTANDING the CHAKRAS: A Healing Journey- Part One

The Lower Chakras
Our healing journey begins with clearing the energy of the lower chakras, or the wounds accumulated in this lifetime. This is the work of therapy. As we do this early work, we begin to clear our energetic blockages impacting our overall energy field. As we heal, we not only become more emotionally balanced, but also more energetically awake and aware! As our energetic self awakens, there’s a parallel increase piqued in all things spiritual! It’s all part of the path of healing …We heal upwards from the lower personality chakras, through the heart chakra – home of compassion, up into the upper three chakras – considered the spiritual energy centers (throat, third eye, and crown).

Heart Chakra
The heart is the home of the Soul ~ our portion of Divine Light manifested into form. This is the very same loving energy that nurtures and heals the wounded parts of self residing in the lower energy centers. It is our compassionate heart that cares for the wounded parts of the child self. As these parts heal and clear, we begin to gain clarity on our soul’s mission or purpose for this lifetime. Our unique healing path gives us direct access to our specific spiritual gifts and abilities!

Throat Chakra
As we move up from the heart, the first of the upper three spiritual chakras is the throat chakra. It is in this energy center that we give voice to our energetic essence, expressing our Soul’s unique mission in this lifetime. Initially, sharing our soul’s light is quite a challenge, as we typically must first overcome the misguided belief that we are small, powerless and unworthy. (lower chakra and heart work).

Energy flows upward from form (root chakra) into spirit (crown chakra). In this flow, the energy of form becomes more subtle and refined as the energy rises. It is in the heart chakra that human and spirit merge; and the throat chakra where this spiritual light is shared with the world. As we heal, grow, and evolve, each of our chakras holds more light. Thus our Soul’s light expands ever more into it’s true nature … shining brighter, naturally radiating outwards. The Soul’s primary portal outwards, into the world of man, is the throat chakra. As our loving essence finds its way into expression it doesn’t matter exactly what our vocation may be, we become a beacon of light …We become a healing agent in the world.

Much Love and Many Blessings
on your healing journey!
Lynn and Cheryl

*Stay tuned for the rest of our blogs this month for more detailed information on these chakras!