Uncover Your Light ~ Step Into Your Essence

In addition to the masks we don as individuals, which hide our light, as we explored in a prior blog (Awaken to Your Authentic Self), there’s also the mask of our collective. Our collective consciousness holds a grand disguise, an unwritten agreement that we’ve all bought into. We were born into this grand illusion that we are small, separate selves … powerless and alone. A disguise that denies our spiritual nature.

As we uncover our essential self and open into our expansive nature, we experience a shifting within, as our sense of self re-organizes. Listen to our free Meditation of the month now as an interactive piece of this reading, and be guided into the presence of your Soul-self! (Or finish reading, and listen later at your leisure).

When you step into and merge with your Higher Self, the masks themselves evaporate, leaving you lighter and freer … softer and gentler. The way you breathe even shifts — more expansive and yet effortless. You’ll feel a growing sense of compassion with yourself, as the inner critic disappears with the masks. It’s the inner critic that made the masks a necessity afterall. It’s the critic’s voice that kept you believing the myths of your woundedness. Myths such as there’s something wrong with you, you’re not loveable, etc.

And now without that old lens chronically highlighting all of your perceived flaws, you’re free to feel into your expansive nature! You’re free to feel the truth of your essence … Free to feel the love that flows continuously into your aura from Source above as well as the love that holds you from below, from your grounding with Mother Earth. Feel the love of your Soul-self, the love that abides in your heart center, unconditional and abundant in nature! As you feel into the softness and depth of your heart center … notice the compassion that’s blossoming there – compassion for yourself bubbling up like a natural spring uncovered, welling up and spilling over … allow the natural essences of healing and illumination to fill you to capacity and beyond!

You are now free to see through the eyes of love, free to see the truth of who you are. You are a spiritual being, a creator in your own right, imbued with the breath of life — with a spiritual essence! You are a delightful combo of the earth and the cosmos, nature and spirit — you walk between two worlds. That’s right, and you were absolutely born this way! It’s your nature. You were born and remain a multidimensional being.

You may now be able to see the gifts of Spirit ready to be reclaimed, the gifts of compassion, joy, illumination, and more … so much more! The gifts of spirit are yours for the taking, freely offered, freely given, you were born with a multitude of gifts! Very often we are not able to see these gifts until we’ve grown to hold more of our spiritual light, as the old lens clouds our true vision. When the masks of the small self dissolve, we are liberated from our fear nature, and we begin to access and develop our unique gifts and abilities.

The spiritual path is quite an exciting adventure!
We are grateful and honored to be sharing the journey with you!
Much Love and Many Blessings!
Lynn and Cheryl