Turn Your Light Up Brighter!

We Are All Asleep

The first step to “being the light that you are” is to recognize that there’s a dimmer switch, and that your light was likely turned way down in childhood. If you’ve already figured this part out feel free to move on to the next section! Otherwise, if you’re still with me consider who turned it down, why, and how.

The answer to who turned the dimmer switch down is you. Why? Because as small children we needed to feel safe. In order to feel safe we developed coping mechanisms to fit in with our families of origin. Did we cry too much, need too much, want too much? Run too much, too curious? Too troublesome? Too loud, too ornery? We all picked up some false beliefs about ourselves in our tenderest years. These beliefs helped us make sense of the confusing world in which we found ourselves in childhood, and these beliefs became the driver of related behavior. (Ex: I’m too needy. I will be quiet instead.) We turned down our dimmer switch in order to get our emotional and relational needs met as best we could. How? We tempered our true nature in order to experience less turbulence.

The upside here is that we’ve got more power than we often think! We have rediscovered that there is a light hidden underneath our outer disguises, under the masks that we wear to fit in.

We All Have the Capacity to Wake Up

More good news – we all have the capacity to wake up! Usually discomfort drives us to desire a more conscious state. We choose greater consciousness after one too many failed relationships, loneliness, depression, anxiety, or even a frustrating sense of aimlessness in life … one way or another we find ourselves here – on the path of awakening. We realize we have the power to make changes in our lives and we choose to do something about it!

Deepening Self Knowledge and Self Reflection

This is where we realize that the obstacle most in our way of happiness is our self! It’s not everyone else’s fault that I’m miserable, lonely, do too much for too many, etc. I’ve got personal power: I’m in charge. We become aware that it was easy to blame others, although the cycle was endless … so conscious choice seems to be a step in the right direction. This path is harder than we might at first have thought. When there’s no one else to blame, what do you do? When you’re on a healing journey, you are in training to pay attention inward … to notice your own behaviors, thoughts and emotions – even the felt sense of emotions in your body.

This is deep work that can’t be done simply by reading books or paying attention to thoughts. It’s work that needs to be done within the energy of the body – on all levels of the being. The body becomes an anchor into the present moment. This is healing work.

The focus point at this part of the path is to relearn what it feels like to fully inhabit your body; to get your energy flowing and be as fully present as possible as often as possible. As you learn to pay attention, you begin to notice what situations / feelings / thoughts expand your energy – creating flow versus what contracts your energy and leaves you feeling numb, stuck, heavy, or shut down. You have found your dimmer switch: it’s the ability to tune in to the subtle energy essence of your being.

Now you can begin to turn your light up brighter! You may be beginning to notice some newfound courage here as well. Courage to be more of yourself, along with a greater sense of freedom to go with the flow. This naturally brightens your light, which is likely beginning to feel just right for you!

Building the Attentional Muscle

Mindfulness and meditation practice are necessary teachers from this point forwards. We all have the capacity to build this attentional muscle, and as we learn to do so, through regular mindfulness and meditation practice, we become increasingly more self aware as well as compassionate. Meditation grows the regions of the brain that help us with the very gifts that will be needed in going forwards – self compassion, kindness, tenderness, focus, creative thinking, and inspiration. So don’t worry, just practice, the rest will come. You’re light will continue to brighten, and as it does, it sheds more light on your path. You will begin to see intuitively where you’re going, as well experiencing an increased trust in the journey. The brighter your light, the more synchronicity you’ll experience! Relax, enjoy the ride! Let your light shine!

Much Love and Many Blessings! Embody your Light! Lynn and Cheryl