Transcending What Ails You: Part 2

Practices that assist you in transcending obstacles on your path.

1) View the obstacle itself as an important aspect of your spiritual journey. The bigger the obstacle appears in your mind, the more stuck you are in your perspective, the bigger the potential growth and breakthrough you are in the midst of! At times the actual obstacle is rather small, but the idea of being able to remove it may be HUGE. This is an indicator of the level of agreement you’ve been holding with this pattern. The bigger the buy-in with your internal belief system, the greater your degree of stuckness. *Note, sometimes the obstacle is big, and you will need to give yourself time to feel all of your feelings related to this event and lovingly honor them, along with your needs. Even in these cases, at a certain point, we need to release ourselves from the tyranny of the thinking mind if we wish to have peace and move forwards with our lives.

2) A daily meditation practice goes a long way in helping you quiet your mind, and gain some space from your thoughts. Never underestimate the power of gaining space from a sense of oneness with your thoughts. Thoughts are tricky and can lead you to believe that they are the “self”, truth, reality. Thoughts are not reality, they are merely mental events. *For assistance in getting a daily meditation practice off the ground, or strengthening your existing practice, check out our online class, Master Your Meditation!!

3) Pay attention to whichever of your Clairs feels strong and easy to work with, and foster trust between you and your own special ways of knowing.
*For more on “Clairs”, see Transcending What Ails You Part 1

4) Practice letting go of a belief that’s been holding you back, by focusing on an opposite belief with a matching behavior and affirmation.
Example: Old belief – “I just can’t run on time.” New belief – “I am a powerful being, and I choose to be timely.” Affirmation – I co-create my own reality with the Divine.

  • Keep a notecard with your new belief, behavior and affirmation on you (desk, purse, picture on your phone, fridge, etc)
  • Put some new behavioral strategies in place to help support your new behavior.


6) Hold a vision of yourself successfully living out this new energy, belief, behavior. See clearly what it looks like, feels like, sounds like, smells like.

Believe in your own possibilities! You will be amazed at what unfolds as you consciously move into a state of co-creating with the universe. Transcendence is your nature!

Much Love & Many Blessings,
Lynn & Cheryl