Transcending Limitations ~ Time and Space as concepts!

We have all had an experience when we felt things such as “time flies” ~ “time just dragged on” ~ “I lost tract of time”. These types of experience help us to understand time in a new way, as a malleable construct vs. something concrete and fixed.

And perhaps too, we can all recall times when we felt like we were “some place else” while lost in a daydream, night dream, or a deep meditation. These experiences similarly expand our awareness of space ~ where were we really?!

While these experiences can be easily dismissed as perception, unrealistic, or sheer nonsense, allow yourself to wonder for a moment…what if?

  • What if time could act in the physical plane as it does in our ‘felt experiences’?
  • What if geographic space was linked in such a way that, from a distance, we could connect one with another without having to travel in a car, train, plane, etc.?
  • What if you began to hear about the scientific evidence through Quantum Physics that is discovering how all this could be true?!

These questions create an opening for the inquisitive mind on the Sacred Healing Journey of transcendence! An opening which allows you to delve deeper into spiritual consciousness where limitation is transformed into possibility and creation of a new way begins! And just as important as asking the questions is how we ask them! If we want to expand our current understanding, we move into a space where the mindset of limitation can be set aside – the mindset that holds limiting beliefs about our Self and what is possible. For only then can new information and awareness stream in! How? Through deepening your meditation practice!

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Much Love and Many Blessings in your discoveries on your Sacred Healing Journey!
Lynn & Cheryl

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