Time ~ Sensing in Three Zones!

Time as we know it is actually very subjective…even while it is scientific! Yes, both are true! There are many aspects of time, and ways to work with time that we ordinarily don’t tap into! …Or even know about! Consider just three of them as we explore below!

As a society, we track time in a Chronological way and agree upon this world-wide. But even then, we can be experiencing 8AM while at the same time, others are at 6AM or 10 AM…or even the next day! This is the way of chronological time!

Then we have an Internal sense of time. This can be experienced as very different from the chronological sense of time! For instance, when the alarm goes off in the morning, we may have the thought that it can’t be time to get up already! Or another example is that we may be turning 40 or 50 years of age, and still internally feel like we are only 30! Where did “time go”?

And then we have a Dimensional sense of time! This comes into play when we spend time connecting spiritually in some way. Perhaps in meditation, or prayer, or even in a meditative practice of Yoga or Tai Chi. We are tuned inward instead of externally. In this space, it can feel like much time has passed or no time at all when we emerge back into connection with our physical world.

We often have already learned to live in two times at once – until they re-sync one with another! For instance, we may function according to chronological time even when our internal sense of time doesn’t seem to match, until at some point in the day, we begin to attune…for example…what felt too early with the morning alarm, by lunch seems just the right time to eat! Or maybe we were lost in reverie of past memories, but then we get called to current time with a request from our children, a boss, or a significant other. We bridge these senses of time easily and effortlessly for the most part! But what if we took a step further…what it we began to learn how to intentionally and purposefully use this awareness of time to live our lives more fully? Perhaps during a lunch break, we moved into “Dimensional Time” and had the felt sense of expanded time, even though we set an alarm to return in 15 minutes of chorological time?! How do you imagine the rest of your day would go? And this is only the beginning! It’s fun to consider and rewarding to use!

May you take some ‘time’ for play,
Some time for awakening to the new,
And some time for connecting in the Higher Realms
Where all is possible!

Love and Blessings,
Cheryl and Lynn