The Upper Chakras: A Healing Journey – Part Two

The Spiritual Energy Centers

Throat Chakra ~ As we move up from the heart center, the first of the three spiritual energy centers is the Throat Chakra. It is here that we give voice to our energetic essence, expressing our soul’s unique mission for this lifetime! The higher energies of the throat chakra encourage us to be our unique self expressing the gifts of our soul-self in a myriad of ways ~ openly, joyously and freely!

Third Eye ~ The higher energy of this chakra is like a spiritual tutor gently guiding us to let go of our habitual tendency to rely on the limited knowledge of our thinking mind and instead open to the much greater resources of our inner knowing. Our inner resources are deep and wide: we could easily spend the rest of our lives exploring and developing these gifts of direct knowing through higher consciousness including our subtle senses (inner knowing, feeling, hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling).

Crown Chakra ~ The more we trust our inner knowing the more ease we experience in the flow of our lives. As well we become increasingly aware of the connection between our own life energies with the flow of life around us as we shift our perspective into the higher energies of the crown chakra! For it is here that we live from a sense of Oneness, keenly aware, moment by moment, of our connection to All That Is and our own expansive nature. We begin to dance lightly through life as we move more and more from a place of limitless possibilities with unconditional love as our guide.

Within All Chakras is the White Light
of Divine Consciousness,
Supporting Our Journey of Ascension!

Ways to Work With the Higher Energies of your Upper Chakras …

  • Listen inwards and speak from your truth

  • Follow creative impulses

  • Make space to be reflective

  • Feel what resonates for you

  • Meditate – develop a daily practice

  • Create a sacred space such as an altar to connect up regularly, inviting messages from above.

  • Take responsibility for your own well being and keep commitments with yourself.

  • Let go of outdated beliefs and patterns that block your path.

  • Listen to your intuition.

  • Pay attention to synchronicities

  • Follow your hunches

  • Integrate your higher guidance into action steps

We learn by actively engaging with the energetic experiences we choose!

Much Love and Many Blessings
on your Healing Journey!

Lynn and Cheryl