The Power of Breath

Moving into spring, there are thoughts of getting a “breath of fresh air,” of warming air temperatures, and of the scents carried by the breezes of springtime. The air around us and our own breath, together create an interaction between our inner selves and the surrounding atmosphere, which holds so much more than the oxygen we need for our physical survival.

This is a bigger statement than it would appear!

Take time for a moment to consider: What is meant by your “inner self?” Intuitively you probably have a sense of what this is, but why? How do you know that? And if the air were only for oxygen for the physical body, why would you feel so good when you take a breath of springtime air, vs. a breath of the air in your home? Why would it at times feel it was oppressive in a room with angry people, and not so when you step out into the hallway, if air was just oxygen for your body?

This is your very real experience of your inner self interacting with the surrounding atmosphere! What do you think could actually be in this surrounding atmosphere, beyond the physical components? When you look around you, at what surrounds you, what do you see? What could you be “Breathing in?”

Well, the air that surrounds you not only holds oxygen for your physical bodies, but also holds the vibrations of emotions, of thoughts, and of the vital essence that feeds our energy bodies. The eastern cultures call this Prana, Chi, Ki or Qi, and it translates to mean your Life Force Energy. You have likely heard of the “aura” of a person, some may even see it, but generally speaking, it consists of and holds, the energies of our thoughts, our emotions, and our spiritual connection to the Divine Source or Higher Power. So when you breathe in, you are actually breathing in what is beyond the physical…you breathe in the energies of thought, emotion, and higher consciousness. Energetically, this is why a lot of negative thinking leads to further negativity in thinking, emotions and energy. Because when you encounter negativity around you, you breathe it in and then out into the air that surrounds you all day long! So when you set a positive intention for yourself, you want to infuse it with heart-felt loving energy…to put into your aura the thoughts and feelings you want to live, to breathe in, and to make a reality in your life.

It is also through the breath, that you breathe in “spiritual energy,” which is what energizes these thoughts with higher consciousness. It is in this way that you gain insights and understanding of new possibilities. Likewise, when you breathe out your intentions infused with Love, that positive energy flows through the vital essence of your energy, through your spiritual connection, to a source with far more power than you have alone, to help bring those intentions into fulfillment!

We encourage you to bring awareness to what thoughts you breathe in and out throughout your day, to what the emotional energy of others around you brings into your space and how that impacts you, and to what is happening when you “take a breather!” Enjoy!

Listen to this audio recording to experience a guided meditation on breath as prana