The Multidimensional Self

When you turn inward, you open to Self-discovery in an expansive way!

When you explore your inner worlds, you open to healing, growth and insight.

These are a few of the many gifts offered freely on your unfolding spiritual path.

Most often, you are externally focused on your world. There are things to do, schedules to follow, and tasks to be accomplished that keep you moving from one thing to another without much thought or attention to your inner world! You’ve been conditioned to not waste time with dreams, daydreams, and imagination. Perhaps you’ve heard about meditation but don’t know how to get started or hold the mistaken belief that you can’t meditate because you’ve tried a couple times and it didn’t go well. Or maybe, deep within, lies buried trauma of the past and there is fear about turning inward. These are blocks to inner exploration and keep you from powerful discovery of potential, possibility, and profound perception about your Spiritual Nature!

For it is only when you turn inward that you can step into new worlds embracing wisdom and vision. You encounter your Spiritual Nature and open to the vast and dimensional realms it offers. You come to recognize that time and space are no longer obstacles, that healing is connected to vibrational states, and that Love is abundant and unconditional! This is not a ‘once-n-done’ experience but is an unfolding journey of a lifetime! From your very own experiences, you come to know yourself in your Soul dimensions. Much more powerful than reading about it or hearing someone talk about it, you FEEL it!! This helps remove doubt and instills trust in its place.

Once you open to the spiritual world, your personal, every day world is enhanced! Over time, with consistent practice, life choices and actions evolve to bring about a sense of flow and harmony. Living in attunement with your Soul becomes increasingly natural state of being! Which is the ironic and wonderful insight ~ your Natural State is your True Essence, your Soul!

May you find your way into your Spiritual Dimensions!
Blessings on the journey!
Cheryl and Lynn