The Gifts of the Heart Chakra

Within the Physical Body lies not only your physical heart, but also your Heart Chakra ~ the gateway to your spiritual connection!

We are oh, so much more than our physical body!  And we can access, experience and utilize so much more than our physical world offers!

When you’re ready to change, seize the day and connect with your Heart Chakra!  The energy here is soft, kind and loving.  When you sink into it, you feel embraced with compassion and forgiveness ~ beginning with yourself!  As you spend time here in prayer and meditation, there is a sense of lightness that frees you from the unhealthy thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and patterns of your struggles.  The key here though, is being “ready to change“. Too often we cling to that which is familiar, in our comfort zone.  But within the depths of the heart, we are offered a new way, the Sacred Healing Journey!  This is guided by our Soul nature, subtle and yet profound.

This is an experience you engage with, which brings it outside the realm of the logical, thinking mind.  Its guidance is subtle, coming in whispers, images, symbols and feelings in the body.  It is up to you to tune in ~ consistently, thoughtfully, and openly.  It gifts you with insight and impressions that almost imperceptibly shift your perspective.  As you attune inwardly to the sacred vibration of your soul, an amazing thing begins to happen!  Synchronistic events abound in your physical world that support your new thoughts and higher intentions.  As life unfolds, you heal, grow, and embrace a new path that opens possibilities that were unimaginable while in your deepest struggles.

Does it sound miraculous? Well, it is…and yet it isn’t! This transformation does not magically happen but rather, is nudged along in fits and spurts as you contend with life from a spiritual perspective. As you create time in your day for contemplation, meditation, mindfulness, prayer…you begin to attune to the energetic vibration of your Soul, of communion with your Higher Power, with Love – pure, simple, unconditional! Stronger than hate, fear, loneliness… Love is what allows us to feel safe enough to be open, to receive, to embody our Spiritual Light. As we do, our inner Light ‘enlightens’ our thoughts and beliefs, freeing us to see anew. As our thoughts ascend in the energy they hold, our emotions shift too! Ever entwined, our thoughts/beliefs and emotions create our world. When our inner vibratory state is anchored in Love and Spiritual Light found in our Heart energy, our thoughts/beliefs create a very different world ~ one that draws to you the gifts of the heart!

And then here comes the not-so-miraculous part!! It also calls you to make changes in your life to detach from all that continually draws you out of your heart energy. In ways big and small, to maintain Heart centeredness, you will need to make some changes ~ ongoing and consistently. Stepping out of all that feeds negativity and into all the places that feed your heart purpose. The first step? Noticing all the places/ways you engage with negativity – gossip, judgment, control, etc. The next step? Learning, step by step, to move away from those patterns and into a mindset of acceptance, allowing and love. This is both towards others and towards yourself! For as this new path becomes the way you live, the miraculous happens!

May you discover the Gifts of your Heart,
May you share them in your life,
May you experience the grace and healing of Love!
Cheryl and Lynn