The “Feels Like” Sense of Time!

Similar to wind chill or humidity that can make the temperature “feel” colder or warmer, time has a similar quality!

Consider the Never Ending Time that is the gift of summer ~ expansive time, when life slows down, people are less busy. Especially as children, when summer seemed to stretch out and the next school year seemed so far away!
How quick time passes when faced with taking a test or meeting a deadline!

When we daydream or meditate, we can tune into that same phenomena! It is a frequent comment that people in a meditative state will make on how short it felt, or it felt like they had been gone for a long time, but it was only a short time by the clock! Similar with a hypnotherapy session, or when reading a good book ~ time is not experienced the same!

The “feels like” time is often slowed when we are on a long car ride and the familiar “are we there yet?” refrain begins shortly into the trip! Or at work/school/home, when faced with tedious or difficult tasks, we may find ourselves frequently looking at the clock to realize it’s only been five or ten minutes since the last time you looked! This can be true too, when we are excited about something in the future…”is it time yet?! Is it time yet?!”

Then there are those times when, without looking at a watch or clock, we are internally tracking time without awareness of it, and we can accurately state within a minute or two, what the time is. We are “in sync” with time’s passage.

So what is the importance of this? We are learning to understand that the concept of time may be a bit malleable! That when we feel like there is not enough time in the day to get everything done that we wanted to, instead of rushing even more, we can learn to move into that state where time stretches out! That perceptional place where, in a short minute, with a breath, an intention and an inner awareness, we can see/sense/feel time stretch out! We can mentally, spiritually, drop into it with our ‘short on time’ situation, and our actions forward will flow differently in time that follows! Similarly, when we are having one of those perfect times in life that we wish would go on forever, we can pause and again, for a short minute, with a breath, an intention and an inner awareness, we can see/sense/feel that moment of time being breathed into an inner expanse that we can then hold for longer than what amount of time the clock seems to register!

It is all about our state of being! We are dimensional beings with many levels of awareness to tap into and learn to use. We began calling this “multi-tasking” many years ago ~ but let’s take it to a new level where we can simultaneously live in chronological time AND hold another sense of time perceptually!

Blessings on your journey! Cheryl and Lynn