The Dance of Stillness and Flow

Stillness and Flow, exploring the yin and yang of these energy patterns in our world …

The center of the earth’s core is very hot solid metal (stillness), with moving liquid metal all around it (flow) – it’s believed that this movement of metal in the outer core gives Earth its magnetic field.

Our earth isn’t a self sustaining being, it is very much living in concert with other planets including the sun and the moon. The sun and moon help to create its orbit and rotation, which in turn help create it’s electromagnetic fields, which in turn sustain life on this planet! It’s incredible – the extensive intricacies of creating this beautiful complex system we call home! Notice how each of these great bodies mentioned here, and in fact every planet in our solar system are all in a state of dynamic flow. All of the planets are orbiting on an axis and rotating around another, even our sun, which appears stationary! According to NASA, even our sun and the entire solar system orbits around the center of the Milky Way galaxy. Isn’t that interesting? How this whole big system, which appears stationary is actually all in flow, and in concert sustaining each other.

We human beings are created from the cosmos as well as the earth. As such we are conductors of energy between the cosmos and our planet Earth. The energy that we run is light. We are beings of light in that we were created as holistic beings complete with a physical, emotional, mental and subtle energy body / light body. Light permeates all layers of our being. As such, when our system is functioning optimally, we are always in a state of flow at the energy level of our being.

Light is a wave energy. Some of the specifications of wave energies are that they expand and radiate in all directions, carry energy and momentum, and interact with matter. Light does all of these things.

A spiritual / energetic way of understanding disease is to consider illness resulting from an imbalance in our subtle energy system. This can either mean stagnant or stuck energy (energy that becomes still but seeks movement), leading to big blocks of energy in particular areas of the body (much like a log jam in a flowing river), eventually resulting in a physical manifestation. Or illness can also result from other types of disruption in the flow of energy, such a block in the channel at the crown or root chakra, resulting in a disconnection from a main source energy, eventually depleting our supply. In the simplest understanding, this seems to be about stillness and flow, our system is designed for flow, and when the energy stops moving, the result is dis-ease.

As we learn to open our channel and run more light, we heal and clear our energies on all levels of our being. As our energy clears we begin to vibrate at higher frequencies, which means we carry more light, thus expanding our ability to help others heal – in some cases by our mere frequency!

It appears that flow is our natural state, just as our planet, as is the greater cosmic system in which we live.

Go with the flow …
Blessings on your journey!
Lynn and Cheryl