The Ascension is Now!

The ascension is no longer something removed from us, something that’s arriving in our future. This is it! The future is now, happening in our present. What does this mean? Honestly, this is not an easy thing to articulate, it’s fairly nebulous, and there are varied frames of reference from which to understand this experience. Rather than getting lost in the details of which frame of reference and why, etc, instead let’s cue our inner knowing and set the questions of the thinking mind aside for a minute. Let’s see if we can shift to the more expansive mind and simply see what resonates. For our inner knowing ah-ha’s often feel more like remembering!

For years at SHJ we’ve been writing blogs and hosting events aimed at fine-tuning the heart-mind connection, strengthening the light body, balancing the chakra system and more importantly, teaching folks to balance their own energy body through an intuitive understanding of the chakras, and attuning inwards towards the felt sense of your unique changing internal landscape. We’ve been facilitating monthly meditation experiences that have been spiritual in nature, strengthening each individual’s connection to Source, teaching how to ask up, connect with light, journey in the spiritual realms, receive and interpret spiritual messages. In so doing, a spiritual community sprang to life right here amongst us as we strengthened our collective connection with Source. There must’ve been some part of us that was aware that in some way the work of SHJ was in preparation for the ascension. But mostly that has become clear in hindsight. We never labeled our work as such – “prep for ascension”. Mostly we were simply following the higher energies, allowing ourselves to be guided by the higher frequencies that nurture healing in this world. Our focus has been one of healing; helping individuals heal. Human beings are communal by nature, thus, we heal together; so a sense of community was fostered along the way.

And now, lo and behold,
the ascension is upon us!

How do we know?

We know by the feel. We no longer have to go searching for answers, the process is becoming effortless. Also the lag between spiritual questions and answers given is much more brief, sometimes nonexistent. Something else we’re noticing is the questions, as well as the answers, are arriving more frequently in real-time in real life, not necessarily in the midst of meditation or other healing practices.

As we understand it, the third and fourth dimensions have merged. It’s been happening slowly over the years – the merging of these realms, as more and more seekers, have been accessing the light and journeying into spiritual realms. We’ve long talked about a tipping point, since 2012, the energies and heightened awareness of the Mayan Calendar brought the fourth dimension into the spotlight. Suddenly the whole world was talking about it; and even though it was mostly misunderstood, it also awoke many people.

Almost overnight, the spiritual path became well-traveled; and much like a neural pathway in the brain, this served to strengthen the energy flowing in that channel. As the path became increasingly familiar to older generations, simultaneously the newer generations were being born with increasing capacity for subtle energy receptivity. As well, as many have written about, there are more and more beings of light from the spiritual plane offering assistance to folks on earth. Thus, the fourth dimension, or the lowest level of the spiritual plane, has merged with the physical plane, also known as our normal 3D world, or third dimension.

What does this mean for us?

It feels very important that we understand the ascension is here, which is why we’re stating it so clearly. We are noticing that universal access to direct spiritual guidance is increasingly accessible for those interested in receiving. As well, messages are coming through ever more frequently. What else this means for each of you specifically depends on where you’re at in your journey, and you’ll need to trust your intuition to see which details below resonate for you.

1. Trust your intuition, and listen in more frequently. Because there are messages for you: you are being guided.

2. Spend more time checking inwards in small doses throughout your day. Because the merging of the two realms is here, accessing spiritual guidance is becoming less remote and more concrete.

3. Good riddance to old thoughts that tell you the spiritual path is arduous, receiving messages is for special people, you have to spend hours a day in meditation, or have a special teacher, or that you must remove yourself from daily life in order to connect. Because these thoughts are outdated and hold you back. The ascension is here: you’re spiritual growth is as natural as your breath!

4. If you still have mental / emotional blocks about your worth, believe they can be removed in a snap. Because these blocks are energetic in nature as well and will hold you back unnecessarily.

5. Healing is becoming easier and more natural. The ascension is here: your ability to heal is organic, you were born with all of the hardware for what we previously termed “miraculous healing”.

6. It’s time to trust. You are here with a purpose and it’s time to step into it. You matter!

Abundant Blessings & Great Love
Lynn & Cheryl

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