Take the Leap!

Do we always need to know where we are going, or is there inherit value in taking the leap of faith into the unknown?

Have you ever done that exercise in which you’re blindfolded, paired with a partner that you must trust if you want to be able to relax and enjoy? Taking the leap is a lot like that ~ leaping into the unknown, trusting something greater than your thinking mind to carry you!

Does an artist know how her creation will turn out before she has begun, or sometimes even what form her creation will take? When we open to creativity, we step into the gap of the unknown … and we let go, letting the energy we find in this space carry us … whether it’s a painting, a poem, or a dance … we begin to feel into the energy and respond, working with and playing with the energy, in turn following, responding, questioning, attuning … It’s the same in meditation. We give ourselves over to the flow, in turn engaging with it, and then again surrendering. It’s a beautiful process. One of attunement with our highest self, supported by our spirit guides and beings of light, beings whose work is to connect us with the greater good. A high vibration experience!

This process of releasing the ever-present control of the thinking mind and giving into the flow of the creative process is the same no matter the creative process at hand. We can let go into an artistic endeavor, meditation, Breathwork, or any other creative expression in which we shift our awareness into the subtle energy of our body, awakening the sensory aspects of our body as the usual thinking mind takes a back seat to the rich aliveness of the moment. Any of you who’ve done Integral Breathwork (also known as Holotropic Breathwork) with us at Sacred Healing Journey know the adventure that unfolds when one simply puts her faith in her breath, and the energetic sensation of it’s flow through the body, letting go of preconceived notions, fears and concerns. Instead of worry, returning again and again to the ever present flow of the breath as the awareness of the Soma (or subtle energy of the body) takes over, guiding one on an inner journey that is quite imaginative. Indeed, one never knows where the inner guide / body energy will take you, and absolutely anything is possible!

There are beginning and ending aspects that make these journeys into imagination useful, productive and healing! Intention, set in the moment that we come into stillness, at the outset of the inner journey, is the energy that carries our effort into a healing work. Intention is our energetic request to engage our Soul’s connection with the Divine, and it is our intention that carries the energy of the journey. The other aspect that truly brings these journeys full circle into healing experiences, and not just fanciful excursions is integration. Integration is as important as intention, and honestly, a little more work. While intention happens in a moment – it’s a thought, an asking; integration happens with consistent effort over time after the conclusion of our journey. Integration is the effort of making sense of what we have been given – messages, teachings, insights; and bringing these new awarenesses into form in our life. If it’s a work of art we are creating, the art is the form. However, when our journey is in meditation or Breathwork, a little more ongoing effort is required to manifest the new awareness. This is where journaling is often a helpful tool to add to meditation – even just a quick note at the close of your process to help you remember any juicy aspects of your adventure.

Go ahead, take the leap! Jump into the unknown, even if just for a dance, leaving the thinking mind behind … feel the flow and allow it to carry you … perhaps somewhere new … allow the journey to unfold.

Blessings on your journey!
Lynn and Cheryl