Stillness as a Doorway

As January organically leads us into stillness, stillness leads us into the depths of the self. At Sacred Healing Journey, we guide folks into stillness all year long; exploring the depths of the self as well as connecting with all varieties of higher energies that support healing work (including angels and spirit guides). We facilitate journeys into stillness via meditations, chanting, Reiki and other energy healing modalities, along with good old fashioned insight oriented conversations, seminars, workshops, etc. Absolutely all of it, all of what we do involves a journey into stillness, because THAT is where the healing happens, and that is where we awaken!

In our last blog we talked about letting stillness guide you inward and listening to the inner self by attuning your awareness inwards. This sounds easy, attuning inward, and sometimes it is … but sometimes it’s not. Sometimes the louder voice of the restless and often driven thinking-doing-mind is so busy and stressed that it simply drowns out the quieter voice of your inner knowing. When this happens, it’s not peaceful to go within because there’s someone shouting in there, or criticizing you, telling you to do more, do it faster and do it better. So what do you do when you want to tune inward but you find no solace there?

Luckily, we have an answer! You drop in … you stop listening to the thinking mind, instead attuning your awareness to your breath, allowing your breath to anchor your awareness into the body. The beautiful consistency of the inbreath and the outbreath … expansion and gentle contraction … like the ocean waves caressing the shore.

Anchoring your awareness in the body in this way is a powerful antidote to the turbulence of the thinking mind. The breath is a doorway into the body, and the body is a doorway into the magical world of the inner realms … a very spacious place … including the universe of each chakra … each chakra having its own dimension to explore and attune to including the heart center – the home of the Soul*, a sweet space of nurturing and receiving … and so much more! You’ve got the connection to Mother Earth through your root chakra as well as your connection to All That Is through your crown chakra. There are so many places to go exploring through this portal of the body. Not to be outshone, there’s the body itself, which mindfulness meditations helps us explore with such classics as the Body Scan and 3 Minute Breathing Space and many more! You can find many examples of these classics by searching YouTube or popular meditation Apps such as Insight Timer, or you can sign up for our Mindfulness Course beginning later this month!

Attune your awareness to your body. Open up your senses – explore the richness of this beautiful body and physical world in which we live! There is so much here to be enjoyed, so much pleasure to be felt and loveliness to be explored. Stillness is the doorway into this magical mystery world that is right here waiting for you the minute you release your fixation on the thinking mind and drop in to the depths below!

Much Love & Many Blessings on this Spectacular Journey of Discovery! Stillness ….
Lynn & Cheryl

*Note, for more info on connecting with your Soul, check out our 5 week course, You Are A Soul! And learn how to not only listen to your Soul-Self, but even more, lean into your identity of Soul as Self.