Stillness and Silence

Deep winter offers a chance to slow down … an opportunity for reflection … a pause to take a breath, allowing your awareness to move deeper in to the self, feeling the rhythm of your breath as well as the organic desires of your body. As we attune to the energy of hibernation all around us in this sleepy season, it’s natural that we too feel the pull to slow down, our energy settling into our roots. We may feel less want for movement and socializing, while craving more sleep or rest, as well as feeling drawn to more solitary and / or quiet activities. There is a healthy-ness in flowing with your body’s innate knowing of the natural rhythms of the seasons. And not to worry, there is a difference between Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and this organic pace of aligning with the ecosystem of which we are an intricate part. The main difference is that in the former you’ll notice feeling sad or having negative / brooding thoughts. While in the latter, you’ll feel a sense of freedom and ease as you give up the artificial push of doing what you “should” for doing what feels right.

Embrace the stillness of the season! Allow yourself to sink into the layers of your self, attuning to the nuances of your wants, needs, and feelings, rather than keeping up with the busyness of doing. Perhaps you’ll even be drawn to set an intention for the new year that’s about this level of self care – nuanced attention to what feels just right for you.

Try it! Just for today, pause, breathe, and then do what feels just right for you!

Let us, Sacred Healing Journey be your guide in these quiet days of January!

Follow along with our blogs and posts as we explore the energetic and spiritual aspects of stillness and it’s innate potential for deepening your spiritual path. Such a simple thing really, to slow down and allow more space in your days for non-thinking and non-doing …. for the direct experience of being present in your life, and attuning to your senses in both the inner and outer realms. Explore non-doing with us during these next four weeks – through the comfort of your home, read our weekly blogs with a cup of tea or coffee, or join our live morning meditation the first seven days of the year. As well, you may wish to join us in our sacred work space for chanting, meditation and mindfulness – all offered at various times throughout the month! All opportunities for quieting the mind, opening the heart, and cultivating the inner refuge.

Have a blessed and beautiful New Year! Be inspired & Be present!
Xoxo, Lynn and Cheryl