Stillness and Flow

For the past month we’ve focused on the gifts of stillness. Stillness is fundamental and important, for we must go inward to get in touch with the powerhouse of flow that lies within! When we go inward, what happens on the outside is that we become still, as when we sit in meditation … we move into the depths of our being. Our mind stills … we move towards one-point focus … and on the way we begin to move through the layers of our awareness. What we find here as we clear the worry of the thinking mind, the doing of the physical body, and quiet the emotions of the emotional body, we come into alignment. Alignment is a one-point focus. There’s a sense of deep stillness and expansiveness … and here, within the stillness, we find flow! There’s a powerful flow underneath the stillness of it all. But we have to enter into the stillness, align and connect (to Mother Earth beneath us and the cosmic light above), in order to begin to perceive the flow … and then opening to it, we move into the flow.

Within our stillness, underneath, there is flow – the flow of our subtle energy, and our connection to All That Is, also experienced as flow. And as was mentioned in our prior blog, when this is true for us, it is also true for Mother Earth, as we are truly her offspring. We are in sync with her energy field, we are a little microcosm of this great being. We have much to learn from observing her cycles, rhythms and ways. Our whole universe is holographic … thus the spiritual principal, “as within so without” and “as above so below”. We can see the same relationship between stillness and flow all around us … with the seasons and life cycles … the great stillness required for transformation – the gestation of a baby or the cocooning of a caterpillar to become a butterfly. These are both examples of pause / stillness to become flow and pause / stillness while flow is quietly going on underneath the surface!

In fact, stillness and flow are the yin and the yang of the movement of energy.

Stillness and flow are opposite energies as well as doorways into one another … through flow we find stillness, and through stillness we find flow. Just as Mother Earth models moving into stillness in winter and then winter guides us back into the flow of spring as life begins again unfurling and opening, blossoming and blooming.

Consider stillness and flow in your life. Make time for both. Notice your rhythm. Do you prefer stillness or flow? Are they seasonal for you, are you perhaps in sync with Mother Earth? Do you need more of one or the other? Get in touch with and honor your rhythm … when we’re in tune and in alignment, we find our own flow. When we’re in rhythm with our own nature, things unfold … effortlessly.

Much Love and Many Blessings on your journey!
Lynn and Cheryl

Photo by Kristin Meyer