Stepping into the Higher Mysteries

This step into the Higher Mysteries is a conscious one, taken with discernment and commitment. For it is also a step in the evolution of one’s consciousness. It denotes that the person has already invested in themselves, discovered that indeed the Soul dwells within and that It is Divine in nature. It means that there is recognition of the limitations of the ego and an awakening to the Spiritual Realms. What then follows? Expansion, healing, clarity, inner peace, intuitive awareness…Love.

Is all that just waiting there, gifts freely given? Where do I sign up?!

Well, yes, it IS all there, always has been. And yes, freely given to all those who seek, release the blocks, and learn to trust in that which often is unexplainable to the thinking mind, but experienced as deeply felt Truth to the inner Soul. In order to accept freely given gifts though, we must be free ourselves, free from the tyranny of the ego! This then, is the spiritual journey. Over and over, we turn inward, for therein lies the gateway to our Divine Essence. But, as is the nature of the physical world, over and over we get pulled by our physical desires to focus back outward, and on the external world and its many enticements! Over time though, the seeker awakens to the abundant and luminous assistance found in the journeys within, and steps ever more deeply into the mysteries of Spirit. Through this process, we build capacity to sustain our focus in the higher vibration and frequencies and open to guidance offered and teachings available to our awakening consciousness. We evolve to be able to hold the insights and vibrations of “the gifts” received, even while we walk through and enjoy our human existence!

We learn to listen inward, to ask up, and to make choices rooted in the guidance received in this way. Slowly trust replaces inner doubt, peace reigns supreme over fear, and a new vision develops, one where love and compassion for both self and others is foundational in our life.

Again, these powerful gifts of stepping into the mysteries are available for everyone! And each one of us is at some point on this path. If we are numb to it and never give it a thought, we are in deep slumber for a bit…perhaps a lifetime or more! But as with any time of sleep, we eventually awaken! If we are still active in denying its existence, we are still engaging with it! If we find that we are dabblers, here and there having interest in all things spiritual, but unable / unwilling to sustain it, you can know that layers of the blocks that limit us are being removed with every turn of interest back towards spirit. And if you are reading this blog to this point, you are probably sustaining a conscious interest or seeking mind, and from here your spiritual nudges will become a bit stronger or more frequent! But as always, in the human existence, we have free will. It is always up to each of us what we prioritize, where we spend our time and maintain our focus!

We want you to know that…

We see you in all your Spiritual Light!
We hold you with great Love!
May your journey unfold in abundance of highest healing!
Cheryl and Lynn