Stepping into a Miraculous Life!

Watch for Miracles! Expect them! Acknowledge them with a grateful heart!

These are the keys to living a miraculous life!

We tend to think big when we think of miraculous things and often then, we are blocked from seeing the miracles in our own lives! Yet they are present! The list of everyday miracles is endless, but consider just a few…

  • Our physical brain is able to process BILLIONS of bits of information per second! Just think about that! While we are only able to consciously process a small percentage of that during any given time, much of the rest is stored in our unconscious…holding answers, insight…waiting to be discovered!

  • Our emotional hearts can feel broken, despairing, and closed…yet they can heal in an instant in the presence of Love!

  • We wake up each day! What a miracle!

If your outlook is to be present to these miracles, you will find them everywhere!

We can more consciously connect to the miraculous when we allow time for meditation. It is here where we begin to glimpse the most beautiful of places, engage in flight through the cosmos or discover a treasure of energy for healing or guidance in our lives. And if touching the galactic, the mysterious, the high frequencies of spirit is not enough…a second miracle then occurs! Our physical body responds to these energetic realms of beauty as if we were there in the Earthly realm! Yes, the wisdom of our cells in our body is miraculous in that they respond to the signals they receive from the world(s) in which we travel – be they energy or matter! So here is where our conscious choices assume even greater importance!

When we feed our cells a world full of negativity ~ they respond in kind. Our bodies are prone to illness and pain, we age more quickly, and our mental/emotional state is heavy. So too, however, when we shift our perspective to the beauty, the wonder, the mysteries of the universe our cells respond in kind! We engage with the world in creative ways, our bodies release stress and restore health more easily, and our mental/emotional outlook becomes bright! You can feel it and others can too! What a miracle that our biological body will respond to our spiritual adventures!

Go ahead, start today… Create a Miracle!
We are here to support you on your
Sacred Healing Journey!

Love and Blessings,
Cheryl and Lynn