Spiritual Guidance – Energetic Imprint

Celebrate! It’s May! The last dredges of winter are gone. We experience the celebration of light and life reawakened and renewed! Indeed, May is a month in which the beauty of the natural world opens to us in technicolor! It’s as though we can see the higher energies of Spirit – beauty, light, grace and harmony suddenly made manifest in our daily walk all around us!

Last month in our blogs we referenced how we can align our energies with Mother Earth, and in fact this happens organically to a large extent. Yet the more we notice and pay attention, the greater the alignment. May, as described above, is a perfect example of the energies of the Divine manifesting in the physical through Mother Earth. We can do this too. In fact, one of the more direct ways to allow spirit to guide you in your journey is through it’s energetic imprint or impression.

This is the way Cheryl and I guide the work of Sacred Healing Journey – from what our theme will be for the month, what new class or workshop we may offer, or even what we choose to focus on when we gather for our creative meetings — we “follow the energy”. This means that we are open to switch gears when something feels flat, we spend more time working with whatever is holding the most potential at the moment, and we pause and listen inwards (different than thinking), to find what new topics are wanting to be shared in this community.

Just as we all have an energetic blueprint for our life held in our aura, we also have a full spectrum of inner senses including inner knowing – which is synced with our blueprint, guiding us from within. How might you feel the imprint of this higher energy? You simply slow down, breathe, quiet your mind, and listen in lightly. You mustn’t try too hard or you’ll miss it. Part of the trick is to remember that it’s easy, and natural … the word allowing is perfect here. Your only effort is in quieting the thinking mind; and that comes easily enough through a little meditation practice.

Allow Spirit to imprint you, so that you / your life can become an expression of it’s Light – beauty, grace, harmony, etc!

Make this a daily practice and witness the ease of this growth! How? When you have a choice in how to spend your time…

  • choose to check in – pause and breathe

  • come into the present moment

  • listen in, notice what feels “right”

  • notice what that sensation of right is for you, and where it registers in your body

This is a simple step which ushers you into dancing with Spirit through your daily walk. Once you’ve stepped into the flow of living in harmony in this way, continued practice is a matter of remembering and fine tuning … notice when you’ve drifted back into your thinking mind, or auto-pilot, and begin again. When your mind is less busy, you’re allowing more room for higher guidance. The more you practice, the more you’ll notice! Pretty quickly you may be surprised to see that subtle energy is way less subtle, as is the case when you’re working with it all the time!

Enjoy this gorgeous month! Follow along with us via blogs, posts, and group experiences. Sacred Sounds – Friday Chanting is this week 5/5/19, and Community Meditation is Saturday 5/13/19, followed by Delving Deeper – an optional 2 hour workshop to help you better understand your messages from Spirit.

And most of all, delight in your journey with Spirit! Don’t take it too seriously, let joy and ease guide you. You are supported. Embody your Light!

Much Love & Many Blessings!
Lynn and Cheryl