Spiritual Expansion … Building Capacity!

We are complex beings!

We are capable of interacting on many levels at once!

Not only in this physical world, but spiritually as well!

It is incumbent upon us to build inner capacity to hold our Spiritual Light.

What does this mean? How do we do it? Why is it important?

We are moving in an accelerated world. Advances are occurring at a tremendous pace ~ often just as we are adjusting to the new, it quickly is replaced with newer yet! Technology seems to be a prime example of this as cell phones, television viewing, and artificial intelligence are on a continual rebirth process. Similarly, in the medical world, new medical advancements along with new medications flood our media and our political arena with issues of morality and affordability. In the world of travel, speed of planes and trains increasingly promise faster transit, longer distance, and even opportunity to traverse into outer space. We are breaking new ground in so many realms, so quickly, so routinely…and so Yes, spiritually we are evolving as well!

On the Spiritual Realms, it is no different…in fact, it happened there first…creating a blueprint for such transformation on Earth! The shift into ascended energy created quite a stir back in 2012! For those who were spiritual seekers at the time, there was an energetic awakening and syncing worldwide. An awareness on a very subtle level that change of great magnitude was underway and had reached a point of momentum that would carry us forward in vast and quickened evolvement. And guess what?

This evolvement encompasses communication, healing, and travel!

Yes! There is spiritual equivalency that actually precedes the physical discovery! As more and more people became aware, awakened, and invested in the spiritual journey, growth occurred exponentially on the planet. When we choose to focus spiritually, we become aware of our spiritual journey in many ways. We feel this as energy, we visualize this as Light, and we call this our Soul. There are many ways to understand our Spiritual experiences, and we are being called at this time, to develop our individual, personal awakening. No longer are there a chosen few who sit on a mountain top for enlightenment, or simply to attend a place of worship for an hour or two each week. We are being called to hold awareness within, of our Soul existence.

What does this look like? It looks like us being mindful and present in each moment, of what we are feeling, thinking and choosing. It is about responding to our ability to act from our highest capacity of Love. It is about communicating empathically, with compassion for the struggles gripping our lives and our planet. It is about healing with the high Spiritual Vibration through Light and Love, across time and space. It means removing the barriers of fear and limitation from our worldview. More simply, it means Embodying our Light!

Taking the time to meditate ~ to build that inner relationship with the Light of your Soul is vital to being able to discover, understand and embody its Light. As we deepen our practice, inevitably we come to see with inner vision, our Soul Light. As we spend more and more time there, consistently in the Light, we shed our darkness, our blocks that form in fear, shame and unworthiness. We come into resonance with our higher vibration, more luminous light, and in so doing, build capacity to hold it throughout our day ~ even when we are not in meditation!

Why is this so important? Because this Spiritual Light offers insight and healing, across time and space that fosters our evolvement! And remember, all happens in the realms of Spirit first, so attuning to it not only jump starts our own healing, but also, when we Embody this Light, we become emissaries for creating this evolvement on the Earth! Yes! Rather than feel helpless or victimized, we can embrace our empowerment and live it through our daily choices and actions! What a different world we co-create as we build capacity, expand spiritually, and shine our Soul Light in all that we do and say!

May your Light be Luminous,
May your expansion be Cosmic,
May Love, Joy and Healing by yours in abundance!
Cheryl and Lynn