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We have chosen to weave our energies together, in this time of great shifting. We are here to assist with the magnificence of transformation, helping you on the journey from emotional pain rooted in fear to the peacefulness of expanded consciousness rooted in Love. This journey is open to anyone seeking to become more of who they truly are… anyone finding that old worn out patterns persist in holding them back… anyone seeking to remove the obstacles that keep them from living authentically from their hearts.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” -Rumi

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There are many gifts of the Spiritual path that await us as we evolve on our journey.

And there are steps that help us open and receive!

  • Daily Meditation ~ Allowing yourself to Be and Feel

  • Setting a Sacred Intention to meet with your Soul Self

  • Lifting into connection with Divine Spiritual Source

  • Mindful tuning in to what you see, sense and feel internally

  • Beginning a dialogue from your heart, “asking up” for guidance

  • Being grateful ~ giving thanks as you integrate your Spiritual awareness fully into your physical body.

These steps are a practice that lead to insight and healing that is available as we connect in the higher frequencies! Learn more Below!

Move into interaction with Spirit

Daily Meditation is the first step!

Establishing a daily meditation practice allows time to sit in spiritual energy. Over time, we actually begin to feel something different in our physical body. Nothing has changed in the physical space, but we can begin to tune in differently ~ to a different frequency that exists in the same air we had been sitting in a few minutes before!

With consistent practice, we move into this new spiritual space and the gifts it offers!

Learning Opportunity! Developing your Meditation Practice! Registration and Details here! Listen to this month’s meditation here!

Next we begin to allow an inner sense of lifting upward…

Opening more fully to higher vibrations!

Setting intentions to connect to Divine Source in whatever way is comfortable for you ignites this sense of movement, elevation and connection. It is here, as you elevate into higher frequencies and subtle energies, that images, colors, light, sound, and even scents appear. Within this higher frequency, their very essence carries meaning and information that impresses within us new thoughts, emotions and insights. We then have choices to live from our new guidance ~ higher frequency / Divine thought, or from our ego self ~ lower frequency / limiting thought. This then determines the flow of our life!

Evolving meditation merges us within a frequency of communion with Divine Source!

As you practice meditation regularly, you build your spiritual strength ~ your capacity to hold more inner Light of your Soul! This does a number of things…it literally brightens your view of life, it brings alignment to mind/body/spirit, and it most importantly opens us to communication with our Soul and its wisdom to guide us in life!

It’s in this higher frequency where healing occurs!

Happy to Help!

Join us in our groups and offerings to experience your shift into higher frequencies!

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April Offerings are VIRTUAL!

Friday 1) Morning Chanting
First Friday of the Month 4/3/20 at 7:15 am.

2) Community Meditation 4/4/20 from 8:00 to 9:30.

3) Additionally, for those who have taken the 8-week Mindfulness course, please join in Mindfulness Level 2 – a virtual event! on 4/16/20 from 5:15-6:30

New Virtual ~ Online Format for April events! See the events section for details.

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