Spaciousness & Trust in this time of Pandemic

In this time of the pandemic, as challenging as this time is for humanity on a global scale, right here in the midst of loss and grief, we’ve all been given a precious gift. The gift of time. No matter what’s going on in your personal life right now, you’ve likely had more time in recent months than you’ve had in many years … perhaps since childhood. And have you noticed how this time comes bearing unexpected gifts? …Much like the wondrous gifts from the sea delivered to your feet the very first time you ever walked the seashore — beautiful seashells, tiny exotic creatures and magnificent grasses …

As therapists, we have the good fortune of getting to listen and hear what’s arising in the collective consciousness at times like these when humanity is more aligned. And we’re noticing how important this gift of time has been for us as a people. It’s such a clear marker for this whole generation: the time before the pandemic and the time after. Yes much has been lost. But what exactly has been gained? Let’s take a look …

In the first weeks of March, as we began to grasp the severity of the situation at hand, initially there was a great deal of fear and emotional shut down – depression, anxiety, and tuning out in the usual ways. After a week or two, there began to be a spiritual excitement that arose – a knowing that we have been preparing for this time of unrest and change, that it is a portal we are passing through to a new way of being here on earth together. Or sometimes these two aspects were flipped with spiritual excitement coming first and fear coming second. Many folks seemed to ebb and flow between these two states to varying degrees — dancing back and forth between our aversion tactics of shutting down our emotions when we’re overwhelmed by the fear (our own or the collective), balanced out again and again with the higher awareness that is speaking to us in so many ways!

This past week or so as April is drawing to a close, it appears as though we’re beginning to find our way forward based on the higher wisdom we’ve been receiving.

With more time on our hands, we’re learning to pay greater attention to the quieter aspects of life. In this space of inner stillness, many are noticing little treasures bubbling up from the depths of the self … gifts arriving through the fertile soil of our current much more spacious inner presence! These riches include messages arriving at night through one’s dreams along with inner knowings resonating more loudly in the now quieter mental space throughout the day.

Now too, as we begin to settle after weeks of battling our inner aversion habits, a quieter mind is also able to see more clearly. Pieces are coming together as our higher consciousness is present and shining brightly, allowing greater awareness throughout the self. There are pieces of various teachings we’ve been learning for years as well as pieces of ourselves we’ve been healing, all coming together in ways we often never foresaw.

Miracles are unfolding before our eyes and within our hearts! Now is our time to shine brightly. Now is our time to trust. If you’re uncertain whether you can trust, look a little closer … listen a little deeper. Oftentimes we only have to give ourselves permission to see and receive the answers to our hearts longing and the miracles unfolding in our lives, in order to believe.

Much Love & Great Blessings
on your Journey!

Lynn & Cheryl