Your Soul is Speaking to you, are you Listening?

Spirit is constantly impressing messages upon us. Our Soul is signaling to us in its own unique language of symbols! These symbols come in all kinds of forms – both internally and externally. The internal symbols arrive in our dreams, flashes of inner knowing, deeper more nuanced intuition, and messages even show up in our physical bodies as aches or pains, or chronic health conditions getting our attention. The external symbols come in the form of synchronicity (coincidences believed to hold meaning), found objects, messengers around us – people, animals, signs, numbers; and finally, the largest medium of all – nature.

Let’s explore these mediums of Soul-speak so you can discover which avenue your Soul is using successfully to relay information and guidance to you!

Internal Symbols

Dreams – Our dreams are full of images, and when we pay attention, this is a wonderful opportunity to receive guidance from your Soul because your thinking mind has gone to sleep and your awareness is resting in the sea of unconsciousness. If you’re a deep sleeper, or have difficulty remembering your dreams, don’t fret, this avenue may still be of use for you. One option is to note the new moon time each month and the days just prior, the veils are thinner between the worlds, thus it’s an easier time for your soul to leave an impression upon you. Also, you might try awakening and journaling first thing, even if you don’t recall your dreams, you may find that if you start writing from stream of consciousness every morning, your dreams begin to reappear to you in the process.

Inner Knowing and Intuition – Inner knowing often comes in flashes of awareness. You just know something, and you’re not really sure how you know this, you just do. The more you trust these little gems of knowing, the more easily they reveal themselves to you. In fact, this is true with all communication from your Soul as well as other guides. As we believe, and trust, and use the information, the flow of communication grows stronger! Intuition is similar, but often feels more like a slow simmering of awareness, and often involves a felt sense of knowing, a gut feeling, or you feel guided.

When you’re on the spiritual path you begin to notice the different nuanced tone of your thinking / lower mind vs. your inner guidance / higher mind … often referred to as that “still small voice inside”.

The Physical Body – Ever heard that old saying that if you don’t get the subtle message, you’ll end up with the 2×4 message? Sometimes that’s how it is with the physical body. If we miss the message in its subtler form, it shows up in the body as an ache or a pain, an injury or an illness. Many times chronic pain illnesses ease up when we receive the message our soul is sending us, regarding different lifestyle choices the soul needs us to take in order to be ready to do the specific tasks we’re here to do!

External Symbols

Nature – Nature is the environment in which we live here on earth. You will find that the more you are attuned to the natural environment around you bustling with life, the more you will begin to notice what feels like the universe herself communicating with you! Nature is filled with metaphors for us to learn through… the seasons, darkness and light, the elements, growth, transformation, etc. These lessons can be as simple as a specific animal crossing your path, one that catches your eye. It could be that you’d been carrying a worry or concern, and you discern a message / a meaning in the symbolism of that animal ( example: a turtle, possible message, “Slow down, enjoy!”). Or the metaphor can be as grand as observing the passing of the season, and receiving a message from your soul just right for you at the time – from reassurance that all things come and go to a specific awareness about life, answering a question you’d been carrying in your heart.

Synchronicity – Synchronicity is a fancy word for coincidences that are not by chance, rather these coincidences hold meaning, they are messages from our soul. These synchronistic events come in all shapes and sizes including finding things on our path that catch our eye or even captivate us, and if we ponder our attraction to this object, (example: feather) we often feel a message inherent. Another such coincidence is people showing up in certain times or places, and what they say, what they look like, or who they are seems to convey a message. An animal crossing our path is another potential messenger. A sign as obvious as a billboard, a bumper sticker, or a license plate may carry a message from your soul.

What’s the difference between a mundane event and a synchronistic one? It’s a felt sense or an energetic presence. Think back … remember the days before you began listening to that inner voice that’s guiding you, the one that gets stronger and clearer month by month and year by year as you listen. Consider how once upon a time, you were mostly lost in thought, unaware, and looking at life primarily on the surface. Interactions with life around you (outside of interactions with people) were flat. And compare that with your current state of awareness … there’s an overall sense of being more fully engaged with life. It’s in this engagement that the messages come … you feel drawn to notice certain things, to ponder them, you find yourself reflecting on it later … like why the clock is so often 11:11 or 3:33 these days when you look at it. Something mundane perhaps, but it triggers your awareness, you feel a little tingling within perhaps, a sense of opening to connection with something greater than yourself!

What’s Next? – This is only the beginning of the communication between you and your soul – this is the step of noticing! Your soul has gotten your attention. Perfect! Now what? Now is when you have a little work to do. Now that you know you are receiving messages from your Soul, your work is to create some spaciousness within, some room to ponder and reflect. Meditation, a nap, journaling, a walk in nature – these are all great ways to create this inner spaciousness. Develop a regular practice of spacious awareness in order to reflect on the messages you are receiving, so that you may interpret them, in order to act on them!

Join us in April and May via blogs and posts, as we delve deeper into this constant contact your Soul is offering in our group meditations. We’ll also explore each of these avenues of communication Spirit uses to get our attention in our April Workshop on Symbols ~ The Five Avenues of Soul Expression!

Much Love and Many Blessings on your Journey!
Lynn and Cheryl