Second Chakra: Svadhisthana

The second chakra, commonly known as sacral chakra, is located just beneath the navel, its color is orange, its element water. Sanskrit name, Svadhisthana, meaning sweetness, conveys that this energy center is about pleasure. Developmentally it is associated with the exploration period of development, 6 – 18 months, the sense of taste, and is related to our ability to be nurtured and to nurture.The psycho-Spiritual task of this chakra has to do with overcoming shame and guilt and opening up to embracing your emotions, creativity, pleasure, and healthy sexuality. Where the root chakra is about connection with the earth through a solid physical medium (the element of earth), the sacral chakra, supported by this root is fluid, with the element of water. It builds on the solid sense of self, grounded in the root, and encourages us to go with the flow, open to spontaneity, creativity and connect with others.Physical Signs of Blocked Energy in the Sacral Chakra When the sacral chakra is out of alignment, dimmed, or shut down, you may experience physical issues involving your reproductive system, bladder, kidneys, low back or lower abdomen.Mental Signs of Blocked Energy in the Sacral Chakra Similarly, you may experience emotional issues such as distorted beliefs about self worth, obsessive thoughts, compulsive behaviors, addictive tendencies, an inability to truly feel and enjoy through the senses and / or emotions, a diminished or overactive sex drive, and / or issues around finances.Open and Flowing Sacral Chakra When this chakra is open and flowing, the physical aspects of the body that are associated with it (reproductive organs, bladder, kidneys, low back, pelvic region, bodily fluids) are healthy and / or healing. The emotional experience is a relaxed state of going with the flow, being in harmony with your emotions as well as creativity, and the healthy expression of both. With this chakra open you may also feel more spontaneous, more in tune with your senses and open to yourself as a sensual being with a healthy, balanced sexual appetite. The sacral chakra is in tune with the moon through it’s associated element of water, therefore you may find a natural sense of ebb and flow in the rhythm of your days when this energy center is open and flowing.Working with you Sacral Chakra Energy follows thought, therefore getting this chakra open and flowing is as simple as bringing your awareness to this energy center. You can focus on this chakra by imagining any of the aspects of the sacral chakra, i.e. orange, water, emotions, or by placing your hands on this area of your body (lower abdomen). Use the power of intention to send healing energy, light, or higher vibrations to this part of your body. Affirmations are another powerful tool to aid in opening a blocked chakra, because thoughts drive energy, they can stop or lessen the flow of energy or just as easily open and increase the flow. To use an affirmation, hold your focus on the affirmation as you breathe in light. Then release the tension (that was holding an old belief in place which was blocking the flow of energy here in this area of your body) as you exhale. Do this for a few breaths until you begin to notice a release of tension and an increased sense of relaxation. Positive affirmations for the sacral chakra include: • I embrace all of my senses and myself as a sensual being . • I am a human being – body, mind and Spirit, and my sexuality is a healthy part of who I am. • I release all aspects of shame, and love myself fully. • I love and trust my emotions as a natural expression of my authentic self. • Creativity flows through me, guided by Spirit.Feel free to use one of these, or create your own.As you bring your conscious awareness to your sacral chakra, each aspect of mind, body and Spirit work in harmony with the other to heal distorted beliefs, related emotions and any physical manifestation of these beliefs. There are numerous ways to heal your chakras: we offer Rohun Therapy, Reiki Energy Healing, psychotherapy, breathwork and meditation. You can also explore healing through yoga, working with crystals, color, sound vibration, elements, chanting, etc.We invite you to listen to our meditation this month, Cleansing your Chakras.Lynn Bos, LCSW Like us on Facebook