Recognizing Our God Nature!

Feeling into the new in life, brings us to live life from a whole new perspective ~ energetically! This means that we no longer make decisions solely from our mental mind, but also from our heart-mind! This means too, that we are not anchored to the old, but are active in finding our way into the new frontiers of life…in a new way…energetically!

Now, this doesn’t mean that we shift into emotional decision-making, but rather come into conscious connection with our Higher Mind, our energy origins ~ our Soul! These are all ways of saying that we can move through and understand life from inner guidance that is deeply embedded within us. And when we consciously embrace our spiritual journey, we are learning how to tune inward to connect with this innate wisdom. It is subtle and energetic, so ‘feeling into’ the inner world is the way to engage with it.

There is a time and space that is created within us that is for deeper learning, new insight and inspiration. This is a creation of inner connection to our God Nature. It comes when we take time to be rather than do. Time for introspection rather than external focus. A practice of meditation where we consistently spend time sealing up our Self from the myriad of life demands, not in distracted disconnection, but with purpose: to build increased relationship with our God Nature.

This is the space we learn to feel into, where we attune our inner vision and listen to our inner truth. A time to let vision and insight be exculpated into awareness and manifestation. This results in growth and ascension of our spiritual nature within our human form. This is huge! To recognize that we are being called to, and finding the way to ascension not through death, but through life!!!