Phases of Life: Loss, Grief and Transformation

Loss, is what we feel when we’re reeling from change … As we adjust to someone no longer with us, or some aspect of our lives shifted, changed. A sense of loss, is about losing something that we have grown accustomed to experiencing – perhaps something or someone that brings us comfort, gives us support, assists us in flourishing. Loss occurs with the death of a beloved, a relationship ending, or simply a relationship or situation changing – becoming different or new. Loss speaks to a felt sense of missing something, it’s as if there’s an energetic hole where there once was a presence.

Grief is the process we move through as we allow ourselves to be present in our experience of loss. Grief is complex. Grief flows. Grief is a journey of many steps and layers of awareness. The journey of grief is different for each of us, fitting our unique circumstances; however, there are general stages which are universal. These stages: shock and disbelief, anger, bargaining, sadness or depression, and acceptance, are helpful to note in that as we find ourselves within them, we can hold onto a sense that we are not alone, that this is a journey of shared humanity. (For more info on caring for yourself in the midst of this journey, see our Grief blog).

As we journey through the stages of grief, something otherworldly happens, sometimes often unbeknownst to us, we transform!

How does transformation relate to grief? Transformation is the outcome of the journey.

The process of moving through our grief pushes us towards growth, towards becoming….

As we learn to care for ourselves in the midst of our grief, we discover and develop our inner resources. We find that we have new and different outer resources as well, or we begin to use them in novel ways. And we find that we can, surprisingly at times, go on … step by precious step. At times we pause, and yet we continue moving ever forward … into the new day, new experiences, new phase of our life. We don’t always notice that transformation is happening. In fact, it’s often a bit mysterious. We notice it most easily looking back at where we’ve come from — it’s often quite surprising how much we’ve grown, and who we’ve become.

Grief, lived well, is a spiritual journey, and who we become is the growth of our Soul-self. As we remember and hone our gifts and abilities we grow to hold more of our inner light!

Great Love & Many Blessings
to you on your Spiritual Journey!
Lynn & Cheryl