Our Spiritual Journey Continues Upwards!

When we begin to seriously explore the topic of spirituality, we are stepping into a vast and dimensional world far beyond what we can initially imagine! Seeds of ideas and concepts garner our attention in snips and spurts, leading to leaps of faith! The journey here is subtle though. It is felt vs. learned with our thinking mind. It comes energetically in waves, in the dawning or inkling of an idea, or an inner luminosity while meditating. We awaken and evolve from the gentle nuances being integrated into our consciousness in times of prayer, meditation and intentional reflection. Welcome to the ancient way, yet again being rediscovered ~ but with higher frequency, attuned vibrations, and greater angelic support!

We have been on this journey for a long time…a really long time!! It is the journey of our Soul on its intricate sojourn of service, healing, and enlightenment over eons of time. Our human existence offers opportunity for this journey of the Soul, but how often we get confused and think that it is our human existence that is the priority! It can take awhile to understand this and to shift into higher perception, that is perceiving from our inner senses, our Divine Essence, our Soul. Sometimes an awakening to this path comes through a life crisis or trauma, sometimes we have an “ah, ha” experience, and often it comes through readings, teachings, and spiritual community that are currently flourishing in abundance.

However we come to it, eventually we evolve! We begin to not only notice things like synchronicities and dreams, but to know that they have deeper meaning. We come to understand that the intuitive thoughts and feelings we experience are purposeful. And somewhere along the way, we begin to change. We recognize those things that block our path and begin to chip away at their release. We discover our limiting thoughts and begin to expand our consciousness into the realm of what is possible. We have real life experience of healing the various aspects of our mental, emotional and physical self. All of this is self-propelling, nudging us forward and upward ~ uplifting us to profound clarity, deep inner experience of Love, and into the intangible effulgence of Oneness.

We are honored to be on this journey with you as together, we remember our Cosmic Unity. Together we inspire each other, learn from each other, and remember our Divine Plan!

Much Love and Many Blessings,
Cheryl and Lynn