Opening to New Possibilities

Feel the shifting energies of Spring carrying your awareness like seeds on the wind, into new possibilities!

The quickening energies of spring are in the air and underfoot, as we see and feel Mother Earth awaken from her winter slumber, something awakens within us … a stirring towards new growth and a dawning of new possibilities! The very act of imagining new possibilities, different than the old limiting beliefs you’ve been carrying, opens the door for you to step into a whole new dimension. Imagine leaving behind the old beliefs you’ve carried since you were small … those beliefs that are so familiar it’s as if you’ve worn a whole in them, checking back in with them as though they’ve been a map guiding your course, as indeed, they have! It’s those same beliefs that have gotten in your way time and again when you’ve started to think outside the box, to feel creative potential, to have hope that things could be different. Yes, it’s those beliefs … THAT map! That map that shows you there is no hope, that you’ll have to settle for status quo again and again!

Place your focus instead on the fresh air of Spring! Breathe in new life force energy permeating every living thing and allow this new energy to loosen your grip on that old map … and as a breeze of change comes your way, see what if feels like to let that old map go! It’s never been useful anyway, at least not in getting you outside the box of limiting beliefs. That map was written by those beliefs, that map was built on fear!

Instead take a breath of spring air, breathing in the aliveness of new possibilities unfolding … grab ahold of conscious choice in place of your map, and feel the trust that’s long been seeded in your heart, beginning to sprout … Trust, reminds you that the path can be easy … Feel this innate trust growing, as you allow it to replace the old fear map now blown far away on the winds of change … of possibility.

And in this new spring air infused with sunlight, with the perfume of sweet blossoms, with the warmth caressing your skin, step into the NOW of this moment, right here, right now, and allow Mother Earth to show you the way. Notice how she trusts, how she opens toward forward momentum from day to night to day … from winter to spring to summer … how she is cloaked in beauty and light … how she embodies ease. Yes, allow Mother Earth to show you the way. She is one of many guides, many higher beings of light, here, all around us, guiding us into higher dimensions. Of the legions of light beings supporting your growth and our wholeness, your movement into the higher dimensions, Mother Earth is often the one we’re most familiar with. She is not only visible to the naked eye, we know her with all of our senses, we live within her energetic presence. She is a beautiful and powerful teacher for us.

As you connect with Mother Earth and consider her as a teacher, notice what it feels like to move in alignment with her energetic presence. You may suddenly find yourself focused on inspirations such as beauty, gratitude, new possibilities, alchemical change, natural power, organic processes, and most importantly – unconditional love, and that connected sense of Oneness! Pause and take a moment to focus on one of these positive beliefs … Breathe in, and notice the difference between the vibrations of this presence versus the old map built on fear that you’d been using as a guide. What do you notice … where do you feel this new vibration in your body? How is it different than using fear as a guide? What new possibilities open up for you … what do you begin to see on the horizon of your inner vision?

Breathe into and connect with the energies of Spring! Feel the quickening of new life forming all around you and within you! You are a being of light with limitless potential, connect with the Light of All That Is, and allow your energy field to expand as you move into higher dimensions and discover yet unused potential!

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Enjoy the stirrings of Spring this month as you continue unfolding and expanding on your Sacred Healing Journey!

Much Love and Many Blessings! Lynn and Cheryl

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