Open the Door to your Imagination

Open the door to your imagination and voila! You may find yourself exploring remote vistas in space, swimming with dolphins who seem familiar to you, traversing the heavens with angels, or perhaps even living with fairies amongst the flowers. Your days of wild imaginative adventures are not necessarily over simply because you are now an adult. And, importantly, opening your imagination isn’t necessarily just a pastime for those with nothing better to do. Perhaps surprisingly revisiting our long lost childhood friend, imagination, opens a doorway or even an energetic portal, into other dimensions!

Does that sound fanciful? Well, think of it this way. Our logical thinking mind, that we spend much of our awareness tuned into, has no bridge to Spirit. The left-brain logical thinking mind is very personality based, limited, and practical. Whereas the right-brain creative mind is unbounded … it taps into the unconscious, the felt senses of the body, and is the part of our mind that connects with our Soul-self and the dimensions of the Spirit realm. This is the very same mind space that creativity opens into … unbounded realms! Sounds enticing, doesn’t it? Let’s go!

One easy way to open up your creative space is to begin to actively engage with your imagination in meditation. If you’ve ever joined us for our Community Meditations at Sacred Healing Journey, you’ll have a sense of what we’re talking about here! If not, let me paint the picture for you … Set your intention for the healing or support you are seeking. Ask up to your Spiritual Connection and or spirit guides for assistance and support. Enter into meditation the way you usually would, focus on your breath, releasing conscious thoughts, then the choice is yours …

  • 1) You can go into the body and drop into the depths of the Soma, finding and listening to Divine essence here.

  • 2) The underworld ~ using the metaphor of the ocean or earth layers to journey into these familiar yet mystical realms with your Spirit animal or spirit guide.

  • 3) The upper realms ~ journeying up, up, up into the known cosmos and beyond, into the light of the heavens.

Whichever way you go, trust you’ll find guidance there, and interesting experiences offering exactly what you are in need of for your deepest learning and highest healing. This is just one path in which imagination connects you to the realms beyond. Imagination is as creative as art forms, offering endless opportunities for connecting to the higher dimensions!

Open up, relax, see where your imagination takes you! Enjoy the Journey!
Much Love and Many Blessings!
Lynn and Cheryl