Oh, the Masks We Wear!

Each day of our lives, we interact with many people! There are expectations of who we should be and who we shouldn’t be. From our earliest days on earth, who we are is shaped by our families, our teachers, and any others who play significant roles in our lives. We learn what to do to please, who we need to be to avoid punishment or rejection, and what way to behave to be included, to belong. Often these roles conflict, and at times, they take over and cover up who we truly are!

At our essence, we are a brilliant spark of Soul energy! When we are born, we have our own unique combination of inner qualities to contribute to this world. Depending on our family circumstances, we are more…or less…allowed to grow into our own unique person, to move fully into our innate qualities and shine our own Light into this world! When we are required early on to conform, excel or in other ways, make choices that are not resonant with our Soul energy, we begin to lose bits and pieces of our inner spark. Sometimes to such an extent that we forget who we truly are.

Early on we may fight against this conditioning, however well intended! But over time, we tend to pick up and internalize the programming we are immersed in…that then define us. As we learn to respond to our world in ways that aren’t in attunement with our own personality or are in some way at odds with our Soul energy, we begin to feel an inner struggle. Over time, this creates inner tension that can be the precursor to anxiety, or we can become resigned, feel an inner sense of defeat that can be the precursor to depression. Yet to survive, to feel loved, to be accepted, we push on in the expected way and slowly, over time, we give up more and more of our own unique Light.

Generally, there is enough affirmation of Self to sustain it in some way, and then as teens we begin the process of “finding ourselves” and rebel against those external expectations. As young adults, we come to settle into the roles we are most comfortable in and wear the associated masks required! Then throughout adulthood, we are often able to merge those roles and expectations with our own inner Soul Self, and find joy, love and overall happiness in life. However, sometimes out of a sense of duty, guilt, shame or other such misguided force, we continue in an endless cycle of hiding who we truly are, and seeking instead, to be what others want, need, or expect us to be. These are the masks!

Stepping on to the spiritual path is an invitation into Self-discovery, an opening to your potential, and an embrace of your Soul’s purpose that guides you into a meaningful life!

Much Love and Many Blessings!
Cheryl and Lynn