Next Level Learning!

As we continue the journey within, connecting Body, Mind and Spirit, we discover that there are subtler nuances and deeper layers. We can fine tune our awareness to tap in to these finer distinctions by learning how to be present to our Inner Self. This means that we take time to listen inward and use our ‘inner senses’ to gather information. Common ways to uncovering and discovering this Inner Self are through meditation, breathwork, and active imagination.

Now is the time to look deeper, trust deeper…all that you see, sense and feel. For it is real! Even though it sometimes seems like fantasy, profound information can be discerned. Seeing through the lens of dimensional realms, is like having a telescope that extends outward, through time and space, blocking out unnecessary distraction, and bringing into view the next place of exploration. As this new awareness dawns, we can feel a bit lost. There can be a solemn, almost desolate feel…dark or heavy as we allow ourselves to wander in this new inner landscape. This is when it is most important to attune or listen in. This is our inner sojourn where we await the call from Spirit until something pierces the darkness and leads the way. It can be like traveling through hallways with no walls, and often finding an abrupt end…perhaps a void, a blackness, a stillness. When you find yourself in this inner landscape…step into it, trust!

Merge with it and emerge from it. Feel the experience with your whole body as you build capacity to both hold and understand the experience. You may feel unease as various sensations…various sights…arise. Be with it, feel it, and watch for the new that emerges from it. The new, once discovered, lifts you into uncharted territory while it simultaneously calls for detachment at other levels in order to do so. Questions arise: Do I? Dare I? What happens if I detach from the solid framework of my current existence? But this is how the new is discovered. Slowly, over time, and with patience, we learn to trust our Inner Self, trust our journey…as fresh horizons are presented to us. We ask for guidance and then move beyond the conceptual limitations previously held. With expanded awareness, we recognize the many meanings of the symbols that appear to our inner vision. We are now integrating and understanding through the felt sensations in our body. Our mind moves in continuous change, bourgeoning and offering innovative insights that seem to dawn on us over time. Subtly and without effort, we just seem to Know a new way!

This is the next level! This is the way to step into and actualize potential!
Wishing you many Blessings and much Joy in your unfoldment!
Cheryl and Lynn