Moving Up in Light Vibrancy!

As we courageously wrestle through the lower thought and emotion energy of the Sacral Chakra, we clear blocks that allow us to ascend a bit! Layer by layer, our spiritual journey continues upwards, bringing us into higher frequencies and vibrations of healing and insight.

The color associated with our Sacral Chakra is orange.

Rising up, we move into the Solar Plexus Chakra, and the color associated is yellow.

Within all chakras, is the White Light of Divine Consciousness, supporting our journey of ascension.

The egoic issues connected with the Solar Plexus revolve around our own personal power. Questions abound…Who am I? How do I impact the world around me? Do I matter? When we see ourselves only in our human dimension, we can often feel less than, powerless to impact the world at large, or unimportant. Or we can also hold an over-inflated sense of identity through power, wealth, or privilege leading to narcissism, dominance, or abusive use of power. But as we move into greater awareness of our spiritual nature, we come to recognize that indeed, we are all Souls, simply inhabiting the human form for this part of the journey. We are divine in nature, so there is no need to either minimize or inflate our sense of worth.

This shift in our spiritual journey is one of commitment, persistence, and challenge that evolve us along the way. It is an expedition that uncovers and heals wounds incurred throughout life, offers insight for guiding us forward, and rewards us with gifts of awakening consciousness. In so doing, our life begins to develop deeper meaning. We find ourselves increasingly in tune with nature and work within its flows and cycles. Instead of being at odds within ourselves and with the world around us, we find our place, our voice and our inner peace. Our personal power center, the Solar Plexus Chakra, is strong, vibrant and healthy. Associated physical health issues improve, our sense of worth is anchored securely. This opens the gateway to continued ascension into the heart chakra where joy and love abound.

Where to begin? First is within your own thoughts and beliefs. Allowing yourself to open to the possibility that indeed, there is more to life than you currently know! Even if life feels good to you, further ascension awaits! This in itself, may take some time for in worldly measures, we have been conditioned in many ways that have shaped our beliefs about our worthiness. Once you find flexibility in your mind, an openness that will allow new information in, the next step is to focus on your willingness to actually do something different. In our human focus, we are creatures of habit and develop comfort zones of routine. We often find that change is difficult. So this becomes the second step. Challenging the fears and resistance to trying new things and taking new actions. With these two steps complete, an open mind and a willingness to change, healing can begin. We release what limits us and no longer serves us. We are drawn to inspirational thought and engage in meaningful activities. We learn, grow, evolve along our spiritual path. Yes, this takes a lifetime ~ but the gifts are abundant and the healing miraculous!

Step on to your Sacred Healing Journey with us!
Much Love and Many Blessings,
Cheryl and Lynn