Moving from Dormancy to Life!

After a long winter’s hibernation, where nature takes cover against the cold, the winds, the frost and freezing temperatures comes Spring! Full of potential, bringing in new colors, new sounds, new life!

Let’s join in the natural cycle with Mother Nature!

In the world of nature, the Earth takes cover in the winter. This comes in a variety of ways. Growth slows or stops for plants and trees, birds bring their gifts of flight and beautiful sounds to warmer climates, and the surface layer of the Earth itself becomes covered with snow or freezes over in an almost impenetrable way! And here, during this time, life pauses offering an opportunity for rest and time for preparation for new growth to come! If you want to get in sync with your own natural rhythms, following nature cycles is an optimal way!

As Spring comes into its own fullness, it brings with it an opportunity for you to do the same ~ spiritually, emotionally, mentally. So let’s explore how the Luminant Sun of Spring can shed light on the messages held in your “Winter Cycle”

Let’s start with exploring the aspect of mental energy

Now let’s look at the winter cycle of emotional energy

And finally, let’s look at the winter cycle of spiritual energy

Most likely, you did a bit of all of the above because it is all a part of the “Winter Cycle”! And each experience played an important part of getting you ready…ready for the Cycle of Spring! Time to let go of all those things that brought discontent ~ shed like the old leaves off a tree! Time for a softening of the frozen tundra that created defensiveness and distance, to open to the melting as the waters of consciousness begin to flow once again! Spring – where the new way ahead begins to bud and blossom in your mind (mental energy), and you begin to feel the excitement of new possibilities (emotional energy) and the stirring of your Soul (Spiritual Energy) brings hope once again as you come out of your withdrawal, take a big breath of fresh spring air, and reconnect with the world in new ways that can now be nurtured into existence!

Yes! This is the gift of Spring! Embrace it! Come into resonance with it! Much Love and Many Blessings! Cheryl and Lynn