Miraculous by Design

Our bodies are miraculous by design! Our bodies have millions of receivers focused outward, allowing us to sense, see, feel, hear and taste the world around us. But guess what, we have even more, 10 trillion receptors focused inward … which means we feel our inner world exquisitely! It seems we are designed to be present and in tune with what’s going on in our inner world. But are we?

We live in a culture of mind-boggling distractions, with a 24-hour news cycle, gadgets galore and overly committed schedules. Perhaps this is in part why we seem to have lost touch with the amazing and profound abilities of our bodies and minds. What do you suppose would happen if we paid attention to those receptors attuning us to our internal experience? What untapped gifts and abilities are lying dormant within?

If you’re a fan of yoga, you may have read about the ancient yogis who could disappear and re-appear at will. It seems they understood the mechanisms of quantum physics before we even knew it existed! More recently Dr. Joe Dispenza has written a book called, You Are the Placebo, in which he shares many stories of miraculous healings of participants in his workshops. What are they doing to achieve miraculous healing of mind and body? They are attuning inward, learning to hold a strong clear one point focus, while letting go of limiting beliefs and embracing belief in their body’s own miraculous healing potential.

Spiritual teachers through the ages up to the present continue to direct us inward, to the breath as a key to higher consciousness. In order to unlock the miraculousness of our own true nature we need to come into a state of connection with our inner body – to feel and be present with our essence. This ability is part of the gift of a daily meditation practice – increasing our consciousness and raising our vibrational frequency by simply shifting our awareness out of the thinking mind and allowing our focus to move into attunement with the breath … to feel the flow of subtle energy in the body.

As our frequency rises in this way, negativity affects us less and less, as we no longer resonate with the lower frequencies. We also attract more of what we want into our life and body, because we attract the frequency of our own vibration. Healing happens here in these higher frequencies. As well the abilities that create healing – one point focus, extended concentration, clear visualization, as well as belief in one’s own abilities happen here in the higher frequencies. We are designed for miracles!

Blessings and Great Love to you in this Season of Light!
Lynn & Cheryl