Mindfulness within and without: Bridging our two Worlds

The body is a sea of sensations. Sensations inform consciousness!

It is through the body’s intricately designed sensory receptors that we are aware of…

  • The sensations of our breath flowing through the body (Inner World)
  • The senses – sight, sound, touch & smell (Outer World)


The body gets a bad wrap sometimes in the spiritual world for being so banal. Yet it is the body that translates all the data for us, allowing us to experience all that this earth plane has to offer, including the finely tuned high frequency data such as beauty, peace and tenderness. Yes, the body translates everything coming at us as well as within us, it’s quite a miraculous vessel for our essence!

This awareness of sensations, and working with them, is how we bring our energies into balance. (Thoughts & Emotions are both energies)

  • What does it feel like when we’ve got too much charge?
  • What does it feel like when we don’t have enough?

Consider these questions…

When you have too much charge you may feel anxious, irritable, wound up or stressed. We use all of these words to describe the sensation of having too much charge in our bodies with no outlet. How and when does this happen? When we get in the driven doing mode, too much on the agenda and not enough time, too much stress, pent up emotions, unresolved emotional issues, unresolved trauma.

How do we care for ourselves when we have too much charge? Return to balance. We return to balance via dis-charging. We discharge an over-abundance of charge organically by expressing pent up emotion – talking, crying, writing, shouting; gross motor movement – like exercise, dance, making love; creative expression – singing, drawing, painting, poetry, etc. Other ways to discharge pent up energy that require a little bit of consciousness and planning include specific types of breath-work, facilitated emotional release, yoga, various types of meditation, mindfulness practices, and body-work.

How about the other option, not enough charge? When you’re lacking in or depleted of charge you may feel tired, fatigued, down, disconnected. Low charge is created by lack of engagement, disconnection, tuning out.

How do we care for ourselves when we are depleted of charge? We return to balance through increasing the charge in our bodies by connecting more with the world around us, becoming more mindful. For example, we might choose to focus on what brings us pleasure, and take the time to FEEL that PLEASURE in the body! Or we might CONSCIOUSLY engage more in life around us in a variety of ways – focusing on accomplishments that give us a sense of mastery; exercise; connect with friends and family via hugs, shared laughter, conversations; connection with nature.

The keys to change are consciousness and intention. If we do these activities unconsciously, it’s likely that nothing will change. But if we set our intention to lovingly care for ourselves, and then connect consciously with more of what we want and need, we are certain to have an energetic shift: Energy follows consciousness!

Paying attention to the sensory input within and without is how we regulate our energy / charge. When we pay attention to these internal cues, we begin to care for ourselves in new ways, ultimately feeling less stressed, more present, and more whole!

Blessings on your Journey! Lynn and Cheryl Sacred Healing Journey