Meditation & Guided Imagery

Meditation is…

Both a journey and a destination,
A process and a practice,
A tool for mental and physical health and for spiritual connection.
Meditation is many things, but most of all, it is free, accessible day and night, a gift you give yourself!

While there are many ways to meditate, many types of meditations, and many teachers to learn from, at its core, meditation is about turning inward, being present, and growing in awareness. Meditation offers a path towards healing, towards balance, towards inspiration, and towards Light…Light to dispel the darkness of negativity, of confusion, of ‘not knowing’.

While meditation can be done in many ways, what we offer in our monthly meditation group is … A Silent Meditation Component in which you are invited to settle in to that deepest place within, preparing you to open to the wisdom and insights available … A Brief Teaching on an aspect of Mind/Body/Spirit integration which meditation naturally offers … A Guided Meditation that lifts and expands your energetic vibration, connecting you with the higher energies ever present, guiding your spiritual path.

Meditation is a Sacred Healing Journey that starts with curiosity… You can begin to experience the benefits of meditation now by listening to our free guided meditation of the month offered below. Or Feel free to join us! at our next meditation!

Monthly Meditation

Meditations from Previous Months