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Cheryl Wolf, RhD, LCPC, ACHT

Cheryl Wolf, an intuitive, subtle energy practitioner, is a Doctor of RoHun Transpersonal Psychology, and a Reiki Master/Teacher who is a published author in Sibella Publications, Luminous Wisdom, an international spiritual magazine and Delphi University Healing Arts Journal, an international journal on spiritual/metaphysical healing. She has advanced training in integral healing modalities, metaphysical studies, subtle energy psychology and energy healing.

With decades of experience, she has come to discover that the path of healing is a journey that covers a lifetime with three primary segments of this journey…

  • Ego development – where beliefs about our identity are formed through life experiences, both traumatic and affirming; and patterns for coping and defending ourselves are learned.

  • Living out the beliefs/life patterns learned, to attain life goals, which include choices about education, career, life partner, etc. In this process, we discover our strengths, weaknesses, fears, doubts, and stuck places.

  • Reawakening to our Divine Nature – Our Spirit which is where we engage with our spiritual energy and transform what no longer serves us. We can then move into our potential – opening to higher vibrations of consciousness and our abilities to heal unfold in amazing ways!

It is this third stage that inspires her work as a spiritual speaker, teacher and consultant…

“Indwelling are the mysteries of the divine dimensional Self ~ this is where abundant healing energy is readily available. This mystical space holds insight and wisdom from higher energies of perception, offering clarity and guidance on the path forward and an opening for miraculous transformation to unfold!”

Lynn Bos, LCSW, ACHT

Lynn Bos, LCSW, Intuitive Counselor

Lynn is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, with over 20 years of clinical experience. She currently has a full time private practice that includes individual healing sessions as well as meditation groups, mindfulness classes and spiritual development workshops, classes and retreats.

I work holistically, offering a psycho-spiritual approach, utilizing mindfulness, breath, guided imagery, hypnotherapy, and subtle energy techniques. In addition to advanced training and multiple certifications, I believe that one of the highest offerings is the ability to be fully present with my clients, listening and holding space with an open heart. Together we can uncover and heal deeply rooted issues as well as re-discover your unique gifts, talents and abilities that begin to emerge and blossom in the midst of healing.

I believe that you have the power and innate potential to heal. We are miraculous by design, every cell in our bodies is listening to and responding to our thoughts. Choosing to do this healing work is a step towards yourself and into your power! That power is already within you. As your facilitator, I will be listening to and helping you re-awaken to your essential wisdom, truth and wholeness.

I am co-creator, along with my colleague Cheryl Wolf, LCPC, RhD, of all programming at Sacred Healing Journey. Through SHJ we offer weekly blogs to support your growth, inspirational soundbites through our social media sites, monthly community meditation, along with small group workshop and courses designed to support and deepen your healing journey!

Areas of Specialization

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Loss & Grief

  • Relationship Issues

  • Low Self Esteem

  • Life Transitions

Areas of Expertise

  • Heart Centered Hypnotherapy

  • Mindfulness

  • Reiki Energy Healing

  • Integral Breath Therapy

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Shock and Trauma

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – Rumi

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