Meditating in Higher Frequency of Healing!

When we are first learning to meditate, we have many questions! The first blog of this month gives Ten Tips to Master Meditation that will get you started!

As meditation evolves however, there begins to be expanded experiences of spiritual connection. This comes in many ways as the Light of our Soul reawakens to its Source. Meditation opens us to connection and interaction with something bigger than ourselves. Sometimes we become aware of colors, images, and very bright Light! Other times, we feel the energetic component of our spirit through pulses, waves, tingles, chills, temperature changes.

With consistent practice, we discover the many dimensions of our spirit! We learn how to relax deeply, breathe consciously in different ways, and activate our inner senses in ways that attune them to higher vibration and frequency. It is in this type of experiencing that our inner world can be perceived in its rich and varied dimensions, and our spiritual consciousness expanded. Simply put, this means that we are able to build capacity to hold consciousness awareness about our spiritual world much as we do about our physical world!

When we first reconnect in this way, there is often a sense of wonder, amazement or blissful peace! There can be a sense of feeling held in love, warmth and beauty. It is frequently described as a welcoming home experience, a sense of belonging, or a deeper understanding of a bigger purpose for life. It is expansive and stirs us in a deep place within ~ our conscious understanding of ourselves as a Soul evolves. We understand deeply that we are much more than our humanness. It takes time to truly integrate this level of awareness and it stimulates our meditation practice as we ‘seek the experience’ over and over! This is an important step! We are not only learning that there is more to our existence than we had known, but we are also awakening our inner senses! We attune inner vision to be able to ‘see’, the colors, images and treasures awaiting our attention. We ‘hear’ thought at a new level that offers insight and guidance. We feel powerful and unmistakable sensation that builds the inner trust and belief that our spiritual experiences are just as real as our physical ones! Which is what enables even further growth!

This further growth will occur simultaneously with the development of your commitment to the spiritual path. While the journey is multifaceted, it has two primary and intertwining pathways of growth involved.

  • First, new levels of awareness are aroused and a sense of connection to even higher frequency vibration is experienced. This opens gateways to greater understanding of your Soul, of what exists in the spiritual realms, and to development of ability for spiritual interaction.
  • Second, it initiates deeper healing of old wounds and release of the residue of what no longer serves you ~ what keeps you small and limited. This is a courageous step that stops many in their path! However, without it we hold limitation that blocks or distorts our awareness of our spiritual truth and leaves us with only superficial understanding or great self-doubt.

For those willing to walk this path, great rewards await them! Opportunities abound for limitless learning! Conscious understanding is expansive and vibrational healing energy is assessible! We can , in our human form, more fully become the vessels for our Soul to manifest on earth the abundance of the heavens!

Many Blessings on your Sacred Healing Journey!
Cheryl and Lynn