Manifestation of something greater ~ Creating a new way!

When we take responsibility for bringing about something new in our lives, we call that manifesting. We tend to define manifesting as taking something that was not apparent, and making it apparent to the five senses. This could be as simple as having an idea to do something and then actually doing it in your life vs. letting it stay in idea format ~ invisible to the five senses. Or it could get quite elaborate such as being inspired to advocate for a cause and then creating groups or an organization and all that is needed to address that cause. Again, the invisible inspiration is made manifest in the world.

On a spiritual path, the focus of manifesting is to bring about changes in our personal world, that reflect the insight, understanding or inspiration received in prayer, meditation or messages received through reading or synchronicities of life. It is a way to put into practice the teaching of “As above, so below”. When we consistently take time to tune in, attune upwards, or to connect to our spiritual nature in our own personal way, we begin to develop a time and space to build meaningful relationship with Divine Consciousness, God, our own Higher Spiritual Nature. In so doing, we create an opportunity to see ourselves and our worlds differently. We have ‘ah-ha’ moments, gain clarity about problematic situations, or simply gain guidance about ourselves and our purpose for being here.

At first these experiences are awe-inspiring and we feel an amazing internal experience, but then we end our meditation or time of spiritual connection, we continue to live life without doing anything different! We miss the gold! For it is when we learn to manifest in our lives, what was received in our time of connection with the Divine, that life changes in surprising and positive ways! Sometimes we can get blocked by our fears of change, of the unknown, or sometimes by not understanding the guidance or message, or not even knowing that we can let these experiences infuse us with inspiration that can be brought into our choices / decisions about our lives!

We have many blogs on our website that can expand your understanding about the symbolic nature of spiritual communication to help get you started! Or you can come to our community meditation events held each month to learn through your very own experiences! However you go about it, we invite you to manifest what you receive in the ‘above’ here on the Earth ~ right in your life! In this way, you co-create your life with Divine guidance, support and connection!

May your life evolve in beautiful ways!
Cheryl and Lynn